Nathaniel Ru’s Philosophy Of Lasting


One thing that Nathaniel Ru believes is that everything someone does should last a longer than him. This is what Nathaniel Ru is trying to accomplish with Sweetgreen. This looks like it is going to happen as well. For one thing, Nathaniel Ru is taking the time to bring in some needed changes to the fast food industry. The changes are going to be very positive in many respects. For one thing, people are going to experience healthier food. Also, the food that they are given is going to be great tasting. Therefore, people will get some benefits that they have never known about.


One thing that could be said for Sweetgreen is that it shows people that not only will they eat healthier, but they will also have enjoyable meals. While people have been led to believe that healthy eating means sacrificing taste, Sweetgreen actually shows people that healthy foods can also have bold flavors as well. As a matter of fact, some foods have even better flavor than the types of junk foods they are used to eating. Sweetgreen makes food that are not only grown in a way that is healthy, but also prepared in a way that not only makes it healthy, but also brings out a bold flavor that people love.


One of the issues that inspired Sweetgreen was that Nathaniel and his friends were looking for a place to eat that was healthy and also fun and easy. Seeing that these types of places were hard to find, they have decided on an alternative, which was to create a place to eat that was fun and easy as well as healthy.


In order to build the place, Nathaniel and his friends have decided to come up with many different recipes that are not only healthy, but fun to eat as well. After all, eating healthy should be fun. It does not have to be boring and such a chore to people. Sweetgreen has brought a lot of fun into health. The result is in something that has grown a lot throughout the days and is continuing to grow.


Securus Technologies Security Systems Infringement

Securus Technologies is one of the top providers of justice, both criminal and civil. They have made many corrections to a press statement issued by GTL in June of 2016. The statement made by GTL was not correct, and contained numerous claims and inaccuracies.


The U.S. Appeals Board is allowing GTL to continue with a PTAB patent. Securus is asking for damages, as they claim GTL is infringing on their system, and their rights. This lawsuit is still pending. Since this case is now in a federal court in Texas, GTL is saying they will continue their efforts, but with a District Court. They also stated they are continuing with their patent.


This patent concerns the monitoring of the visitations of inmates. This allows inmates to be able to communicate with their families on a secure basis. A total of fifty-five claims have been files by GTS.


Securus has realized GTL has only filed one claim of an independent status. This claim does not have the security feature in question. The PTAB has denied the review of the claim. GTL seems happy the security system was able to receive a patent. Despite what GTL believes, the PTAB has not made any indication of the patentability of the system.


According to GTL, this case should arrive in court within a few months. Securus does not believe this statement to be true. A jury will make the ultimate call when the court date is reached. Securus adamantly states this security system belongs to them, period. Securus will abide with the courts to prove they are in the right.


Securus Technologies has always had good financial dealings with the companies using their technology. They have entered into licensing agreements with these parties numerous times. Securus does not understand why GTL would spend millions trying to claim the rights to a product that is not theirs.


Boraie Development on the Forefront of New Brunswick Development

If you take a closer look at how New Brunswick has developed over the last two decades or so, you will see a very familiar trend as with other cities across the country. A rise in immigrant population and declining property value on has led to corporate migration. This migration brought about desperation among the town council; with its leaders eager to maintain existing corporates as well as attract new ones.

This desperation led to partnerships between the town council and real estate developers. Over the past few decades, these real estate developers like Boraie are working with financial institutions and the town council to construct new structures in the cities with the hope of attracting new investors. Construction of theses towers has resulted in a new skyline and a revamped image of New Brunswick City.

Hope for New Brunswick

The year of 1975 marked an important year for New Brunswick. In the 70s, property value around the city had begun taking a downturn and many corporates moved their offices out of the city. However, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson on committed to staying in the city. Johnson & Johnson commitment to New Brunswick marked a turning point of the falling city. Investor’s confidence was restored, and the city commenced its redevelopment.

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Boraie Takes a Risk

In 1985, Boraie Development under leadership from Omar Boraie built a double-tower at Albany Street, the same street that housed Johnson & Johnson. Omar Boraie recalls that moment in his life as a huge gamble that paid off. Boraie claims that the main reason he decided to go through with the development of the building was that Johnson & Johnson had chosen to stay in the area.

Since then, that building in Albany Street has become Boraie Developmentā€™s headquarters. Mr. Boraie felt it was the ideal location for the company’s headquarters since it is situated in a strategic location where he can view the wide array of towers he already owns as well as monitor progress of towers under construction.

Background of Boraie Family

Mr. Omar Boraie is originally from Egypt. He was born in Egypt and later traveled to New Brunswick in 1965 to further his college education. His goal was to pursue a Ph.D. honor in Chemistry before the real estate opportunity presented itself to him. He turned to real estate and had not looked back ever since. His two sons are partners in Boraie Development. The Boraie family is responsible for the new skyline in New Brunswick, as they have developed numerous buildings around the city.

David Osio Creates More Success for Davos

Since the Davos company was first started and first made a splash on the real estate scene in New York City, David Osio has been working to make sure that it is successful. He has seen a lot of companies go down during his time in the business and he does not want the Davos group to be one of those companies. He works in combination with his executives to ensure that they are offering the most innovative solutions for all of the developers and even the individual people that they work with in the real estate industry of New York City.

When David first started out, he planned to make a company that was successful. He wanted only to be successful and was not sure what he wanted to do beyond that. He never imagined that the Davos company would take off like it has and this has been one of the greatest things that he has ever done. As someone who came from a different country, he never thought that he would be able to get the level of success that he currently has with the Davos group and in the real estate industry in New York City.

There are many things that Davos offers but one of the biggest ones is investment properties. They find great properties for their developers and they introduce them to what they have to offer. This is something that not many other real estate companies offer to their clients. Davos walks the developers through every step of the process and they have come up with many innovative solutions to ensure that their clients are getting the best investment possible and that they are able to get a great return on that investment that they have made.

The new app that was developed by David Osio and the rest of the Davos team shows investors what they will be getting when they make the decision to invest with the Davos real estate company. It shows listings similar to other applications. One thing that it has that other apps do not is the possibility for return on investment. This means that developers can see, in real time, what they will be able to make if they sell the property for the right amount. This gives them the chance to see how much they can profit off of a property before they make the decision to buy it.

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Christopher Burch’s Life Impacts His Business

Christopher Burch is someone who invested a lot of time pondering on the art of making money. He developed a strong entrepreneurial spirit very young in life. In discussing his early years, Burch noted that he worked in construction with his dad. Doing so gave him an insight into how businesses are run and how people make money.


Burch would take the knowledge he picked up from working construction and apply it to other pursuits. In college, he was able to make some money performing all sorts of different jobs. The amount of money he earned was not really relevant. What mattered here was Burch gained a lot of knowledge about how to make money and save it. Such insights eventually found their way into his philosophy with running Burch Creative Capital.


Burch Creative Capital, the company Christopher Burch founded, focuses on venture capital and private equity investments. There are certain specific industries in which the firm directs money. The volume of industries is quite diverse, but limited enough to remain within the expertise of those overseeing the investments.


In discussing his personal biography, Burch notes he prefers to maintain a more personal approach to those involved with his firm. This might seem removed from the normal approach performed by venture capital firm management. Burch’s way of dealing with clients is different to be sure. Those working with him and his firm are sure to appreciate the more personal approach.


Christopher Burch notes his goal and his company’s goal is to help customers. Those working with Burch Creative Capital are sure to appreciate all help and assistance with meeting their financial goals.


Christopher Burch’s personal life story is interesting and upbeat. The positive aspects of his life are visible in how his company operates, which aids is setting it apart.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel Is Helping People With Sleep Apnea Manage Their Symptoms

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has created new dental based treatments for sleep apnea in recent years. He is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters and he has a great deal of experience in the treatment of sleep issues. He works to diagnose and treat people that have sleep apnea. The majority of the people afflicted with sleep apnea are unaware that they are suffering from the condition. He hopes to help individuals become aware of the symptoms and give them convenient and effective ways to treat it rather than traditional methods that can have a limited amount of effectiveness. He has created an alliance with dentists, physicians, and sleep specialists that can work together to give a new solution to a widespread problem.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel started out his professional career as a family dentist. He opened his first practice in 1999 which was called Old Bridge Dental Care. He received the designation of Best Dentist in the are for several years. During his years as a family dentist, he began to study sleep and sleep disorders and how they can be tied together through dental procedures and appliances. He established several businesses that specialized in the treatment of sleep disorders.


His company Dental Sleep Masters was founded in 2014. He uses his knowledge of sleep disorders to diagnose and treat potential patients to help them manage their issues. Avi Weisfogel attended Rutgers University where he received BA in psychology and biology. He also attended New York University College of Dentistry where he obtained his DDS.

The Man Behind the Salad Success

With the growing problem of obesity in America, it’s no wonder how the idea of eating salad has completely taken off at record pace. Obesity continues to drain the healthcare system and the economy with the host of health problems it causes such as heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, and arthritis all stemming from high cholesterol and extra weight. Salad is an easy way to remain full and lose weight. Packed with vitamins and minerals, salad can still be a large meal in size yet low in caloric content. This gives people that feeling of fullness without actually leading to substantial weight gain. Sweetgreen represents one of the major salad success stories that has capitalized on the national push towards a healthier diet.

At Sweetgreen, people can show up and select everything that goes into their salads. Furthermore, this isn’t the typical salad bar. Many of the items at Sweetgreen are actually packed with protein, leading to a balanced meal without necessarily including meat that is high in calories. Furthermore, people can even get these items cooked for a new and inventive twist on the typical salad.

Sweetgreen was founded by three Georgetown graduates back in 2007. At the time, this venture into the food industry was funded by only a few dozen friends and family members. Today, this little experiment is worth close to $100 million. One of the hottest companies on the market today, they have 31 restaurants spread across the nation and expect to have 40 by the end of the year.

One of these successful entrepreneurs is Nathaniel Ru. One of the three Georgetown graduates, Sweetgreen is actually one of 4 companies that Ru has backed. He got the idea for Sweetgreen while in school at Georgetown. He realized that there were plenty of ways to eat healthy, but these were relatively expensive and time consuming. He also saw that there were many fast places to eat, but weren’t at all healthy despite being cheap. That’s where he and his friends started Sweetgreen. This is a lightning fast restaurant that offers no shortage of new, healthy choices in time efficient manner. Ru immediately saw how the chain could take off. Ru had the idea that Sweetgreen shouldn’t just be a restaurant chain, but even a way of life. In essence, Ru saw this chain as the start of a lifestyle brand that would encourage people to lead healthier lives. Through this restaurant, Ru seeks to change the country.


Swiss Startup Factory Has The Best Leader In Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the leader of the Swiss Startup Factory, and he has created a business that funds businesses that are new. He wants to be sure that he can help people who are in need of help can get the guidance and advice they need, and he wants to show people how to manage their businesses. A new business is often not run by people who are business people, and they only have ideas that they have crafted. Mike Baur gives people to money they need to make their dreams come true, and he brings in reinforcements that help people with their business choices.


Michael Hartweg has been added to the team to help digital startups because these startups are very unique. They need to be given assistance to help their business grow. There are many of these businesses that fail because they are not managed the right way. They are going to help people to be sure that they can make better decisions, and the decisions that are made using the help from Mike Baur will work out well. It is very easy to create a better company using Mike Baur’s funding and consultancy.


The best part of this is that a company will be able to have the funding that is required to make their projects work. They also need to be sure that they have worked out a plan that they can follow with Mike Baur. Mike Baur follows the plan that he has created for his clients, and then he works with them until the an has been completed. That is the point at which the company can be released into the world.


The Swiss Startup Factory is the brainchild of Mike Baur that helps people create better businesses. These businesses will become much more prosperous because they now know how to help themselves. These companies have to be able to manage their own companies, and they must be in a place where they can move on after their startup funding has used. The correct use of funding with a startup is managed by Mike Baur and his partner Michael Hartweg.


InnovaCare Health And How They Work With Medicare Advantage Plans

When the time comes to be eligible for Medicare, beneficiaries can choose to receive Original Medicare on as defined by Part A and Part B, or they may choose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan. Sometimes MA Plan’s are referred to as Medicare Part C since you have to have both Medicare Part A and Part B in order to get an MA. Going with Original Medicare or choosing an MA each have their own advantages. Original Medicare allows patients to choose any doctor or healthcare provider they want that accepts Medicare, while MAs are usually restrict patients to which doctor or healthcare providers they choose like InnovaCare Health. But they do have some advantages such as not overcharging for dialysis or certain cancer treatments, and capping the total expenses you pay for your plan, depending on how certain things factor in.

InnovaCare Health is a health provider that works with Original Medicare and MA plans. The two MA plans that InnovaCare Health offers are MMM Health Inc, and PMC Medicare Choice. These two plans help patients gain access to over 7,000 providers in Puerto Rico and the US, and receive some of the most comprehensive treatments and benefits available. InnovaCare also controls MSO of Puerto Rico LLC, a company that helps facilitate patient and provider plan contracts, uses advanced quality assurance programs for overseeing health plan processes, helps patients receive claims payments, and has highly specialized case management experts. InnovaCare Health has received among some of the highest-ranked customer service reviews in its time operating, thanks to the strong leaders who have run it.

Dr. Rick Shinto is InnovaCare’s CEO and his expertise both as a physician and an expert in MA plans transcends many years in the field. He got his MD degree at Stony Brook University and started off in the field as a pulmonologist in Southern California, providing excellent patient care, and authoring several medical journal articles throughout his career. He served in executive positions at MedPartners, Cal Optimal Health Plan, NAMM California, and Aveta Inc. Along with Richard Shinto, CAO Penelope Kokkinides also has done extensive work in the Medicare field and helping transform health organizations to build models that deliver efficient patient care. Kokkinides also served at Aveta Inc. with Dr. Shinto, and prior to that served at Centerlight HealthCare and AmeriChoice.

Finally a Useful List of Life Hacks for us Ladies

Is it just me, or every time you log in to the computer and look at social media someone is posting “LifeHacks” that just don’t seem to really apply to me. I have recently come across the Youtube star Wengie who posts life hacks that really are meant and directed to the ladies. I was really happy to see one recently that she put up titled ’10 Period Hacks All Girls NEED to Know’
So instead of teaching me how to make some random piece of furniture from scratch, she is really giving me a useful list of how to survive my menstrual cycle without a steady supply of Chocolate Bars and romance movies. I am not going to lie, I may have been eating a chocolate bar while watching her Lifehack video.appreciate is the remedies to remove stains from articles of clothing.

She starts off with the basic that we all know, the abdominal heating pad. Then she immediately pops into lesser know remedies and things to assist such as diet! Of course I do believe the one that all of us that have viewed this video can truly to ensure that you’re not pulling out embarrassing female products publicly by prepping before you leave home for the day. What I really appreciate the most about this particular video is how she goes into the biology of it, and how to keep track of your period, and what to do when something is abnormal. She also delves into the even more less talked about things such as issues after showering and menstrual cups.
It is rare when you are able to find a video blogger who is capable of not only delivering something that will keep your attention as she demonstrates each individual thing, but also the dialogue that she uses while engaging the viewer really kept my attention.
Above all, this woman spoke to me about true life hacks that I truly can use, not just something tacky to make out of spare parts. If you’re a woman, take less than 10 minutes to view this simple video and enjoy some true life hacks you may have never realized were out there.

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