Deirdre Baggot, The Bundles Payment Guru

When you hear about Bundles Payment, Episode based payments or Package pricing, Deirdre Baggot should definitely cross your mind. She is one of the greatest all time pioneers of the Bundles Payment practice. Besides, due to her expertise, she is a renowned health care strategist and payment innovation expert.

She is a Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. holder from the University of Colorado Denver, an MBA from Quinlan School of Business, A Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Edwardsville in addition to a certificate in Healthcare executive leadership from the Wharton School.

Her interest in health care transformation did not start yesterday. Over the years she has served in indispensable roles as far as healthcare reforms and payment transformation is concerned. Having been in the academic healthcare sector for ten years and being the Senior Vice President and practice lead for GE healthcare for not less than six years, a partner at ECG management consultants for two years, she now runs her consulting firm. Follow Deidre Baggot on Twitter for more updates.

Having authored dozens of publications on this subject, Deirdre Baggot has continued to enrich the world with information regarding bundle payments. She is neither new to social media platforms all in her name where she shares this Intel. She is a trusted advisor hence she has featured on talk shows and informative programs in regard to bundle payment engagements. Also, She is an active participant in the reviewer’s web for Care Improvement Initiative having served in New York Bundled Payment Committee as well as the former lead for Acute Care Episodes.

She has left a mark on every organization she has dedicated her career to. She has built and launched a consulting practice achieving tremendous revenue turnover. As if that wasn’t enough, at GE healthcare, she recruited, trained and nurtured a team of experts in this health care reform field.

She is also involved in payer contracting, affiliations and acquisitions. Knowing she is the best, it gives your business a competitive edge when it comes to bundle payments. She is currently involved in consultancy practices that focus on innovation, facilitation, and implementation of bundled payments.

She has dedicated her life to the satisfaction of patient experience through the care model transformation. Learn more:


About the Career of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin has accomplished a lot in the medical industry. He is one of the few individuals who has led a successful career in the healthcare sector. With more than three decades in experience, Brian Torchin is arguably one of the best medical professionals. He is renowned for founding Healthcare Recruiting Counsellors (HCRC), a staffing and recruitment agency aimed at providing services to the major players in the healthcare sector. Read more about Brian Torchin at

As he worked as a medical practitioner, Brian Torchin was able to learn the significant ordeals that professionals undergo while hiring. Hiring and recruitment process is very critical but complex for many organizations. To begin with, you have to incur costs involved in hiring, recruitment, and training, and will also consume more time. Additionally, you might end up opting for the wrong candidate who might affect your service delivery. Employees are essential since they are the image of your operations. Thus, Brian Torchin decided to create a staffing agency that would be concerned with hiring and recruiting so that doctors can concentrate on service delivery to patients. There are many accrued benefits when you seek staffing services from HCRC. First, you get the most qualified and right candidate for the job position and an employee who is dedicated to delivering quality services including weekends and public holidays. Since Brian has vast experience in the medical field, he is well knowledgeable to fill in the right candidate for a particular position.

Brian has led a successful career in the founding and leading HCRC. When it started, it only began with subsidiaries in Philadelphia and Delaware. Today, the firm has grown and operated overseas with subsidiaries in Asia, Europe, and America. Under the leadership of Brian, HCRC has managed to attract more than 200 clients and companies. Additionally, Brian has played a role as a community leader since he has helped thousands of medics to acquire job opportunities and play a prominent role in the healthcare industry.

Mr. Torchin is an active user of social media. His Facebook and Twitter handle share posts regarding developments of HCRC and the available job positions. He regularly shares posts through his powerful social media platforms. Visit:


Eric Lefkofsky And Tempus Continue To Add Value To Their Community

Eric Lefkofksy, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Tempus has been recognized as one of a handful of members of the Forbes Chicago Business Council. The FCBC is the leading organization for business growth and networking in the Greater Chicago area. The business leaders and entrepreneurs that are members of the FCBC operate in a wide-range of business sectors and contributed greatly to the innovation that is seen in Chicago.

Tempus was created in 2015 and in just three years has reached the status of top 10 tech health techs in the city of Chicago. The company has built and maintained a system that provides physicians treating cancer to conveniently access pertinent data that enables them to tailor treatment protocols in a more personalized manner. The Tempus platform is estimated to touch about 25 percent of the cancer patients in the United States.

Eric Lefkofsky expresses that the Tempus goal is to create an environment where each new cancer patient can benefit from previous patients by providing doctors with tools that continue to learn while more information is gathered.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky has taken part in a wide-range of entrepreneurial pursuits. In addition to his latest venture with Tempus, Lefkofsky has been involved with Groupon, Lightbank, MediaOcean, and Uptake Technologies. The common thread with these companies is that they all make use of data analytics to facilitate actionable insights.

Lefkofkshy has also been known for his philanthropy and is a trustee for the Chicago Art Institute, Lurie Children’s Hospital, and World Business Chicago. The Steppenwolf theater in Chicago also counts Eric Lefkofsky as the chairman of its board of trustees.

Eric Lefkofsky has also, along with wife Liz, founded the Lefkofsky foundation which supports efforts in art, healthcare, and education in designated communities.

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Heal And Soothe And Its Power To Harness Nature To Make One’s Body Heal Naturally

It’s hard to keep up with one’s health all the time. One should be able to learn how to eat well, exercise the right amount of time or even go for the best diet program that fits the individual. This idea of making sure one’s health is at its optimum is also not that easy to implement. Which is the reason why many people need the help from health supplements that boost their daily recommended vitamins and minerals. One of these health supplements that harness the power of nature to improve one’s wellbeing is Heal And Soothe.


There are a lot of videos on YouTube that people can watch to understand the benefits that people taking Heal And Soothe can get. Whether a person is experiencing any type of chronic back pain or discomfort, Heal And Soothe tries to alleviate the symptoms, targets the root cause of the problem and brings the healing powers of nature into action. Heal And Soothe offers a reliable alternative to relieving any type of pain without using harmful chemicals and ingredients. Heal And Soothe is all-natural and does its best by not mixing glucosamine and chondroitin in its joint formula.


It is revealed in an article from Release Fact that the best thing also about Heal And Soothe is that it is not just masking the symptoms. What it does is to find the reasons why people have the pain and improve the signaling the system that the body needs to not always read the signal of pain. The element that does this is what is called proteolytic enzymes. And this is exactly what people can get when they take the Heal And Soothe alternative medicine. Instead of masking the pain, the alternative medicine by Heal And Soothe supplements that enzymes into the body for people to not abnormally feel the pain signal all throughout one’s body. Refer to This Article for related information.


Indeed, Heal And Soothe stands out in providing people the right kind of pain alleviation remedy without the use of harmful, dangerous drugs and processed chemicals. This natural attribute of Heal And Soothe also makes it safe to use as a daily treatment to help alleviate the painful symptoms of inflammation, which may also be related to arthritis.


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Jeff Herman Helps Parents Around The Nation Talk To Their Children

Jeff Herman is an award-winning lawyer that fights for the rights of his clients and has done a good job of it. He founded Jeff Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” The first case he represented involved an autistic child of preschool age, whose parents suspected unfair play toward their child at school.

Jeff Herman specializes in sexual exploitation, rape, and sexual abuse cases. The nationally recognized lawyer wants to help parents all over the nation talk to their children about the often-overlooked signs of abuse, sex crimes, and how to be aware. Though this subject is quite heavy it is important to prepare children with knowledge, so they can speak up if it happens to them. The fact that they are young and naive makes them an easier target for rapists and child molesters so teach them about having healthy boundaries for their bodies and have open communication with them. There are some Useful Tips to Protect Your Child from Mr. Herman himself that can help educate your children on this matter.

One of the most important tips is to let your child know that they can say no if someone is making them not feel comfortable. This is an important lesson in boundaries for children, so they can feel more confident and absolutely have the right to protect themselves. Stay in constant and open communication with your child because you cannot teach them about abuse in just one sitting. It needs to be drilled into them and keeping communication with them will let you know what is going on in their lives, so they can stay safer. See This Page for more information.

You also have to illustrate and give your child examples of what is good and what is not good. No one has the right to harm them or make them feel uncomfortable so let them know the difference. This topic can be very heavy so make sure when you are talking about this to your child or children that you make it age appropriate. Use words that are suitable for their ears at whatever age they are. Also let them know that certain parts of their body are off-limits to other people. Then they will know what is wrong and be able to tell you if something happened. Hopefully these tips can help parents talk to their children, so they can be safe and happy.


Watch him


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Top Lessons On Entrepreneurship From Paul Herdsman


Everyone that has tried to start and run a business will tell you that it is not easy. To make things come together, you need dedication, lots of hard work and skill. One of the people who have mastered the perfect balance of these three element and used it to succeed as the COO of NICE Global, is Paul Herdsman.


Paul Herdsman and his partners started this company in Jamaica and currently it is one of the most profitable startups in the Jamaica. What makes the story extraordinary is the fact that when Paul and his partners started out, he had no idea how business works in Jamaica, but he managed to learn, maneuver and thrive in the fiercely competitive market. Here are lessons that Paul shares about entrepreneurship.


The importance of a positive workplace culture

One of the most important things which you have to do as an employer is that you have to create a positive and engaging culture at the workplace. When your employees are happy, and they feel as if they are part of a family, they will not spend their time looking for better workplaces to belong. At the same time, when repeat customers keep seeing the same faces whenever they visit your business, they gain confidence in your business and entrust you with more. Read This Article to learn more.


Reward those employees who perform well

One of the biggest mistakes that employers make is capitalizing on the mistakes and whispering about the success. When you make it a habit to laud and reward those people who are doing well in their positions, everyone else strives to reach that level of success and get rewarded.


Learn more about Herdsman’s business tips in his interview on


Paul herdsman is a graduate of the Florida Atlantic University where he got his Bachelor of Arts. He lives in Florida with his family and flies out to Jamaica whenever the Kingston based business has meetings.


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Deirdre Baggot: Medical Billing Authority and Bundle Payment Expert

Deirdre Baggot is a force to be reckoned with in the fields of nursing and hospital administration. She has been a huge supporter and authority in the bundled payment concept of medical billing.

To achieve such stellar accomplishments in the worlds of medicine and hospital administration, a strong scholastic background is a necessity. Deirdre Baggot’s academic foundation is quite strong and impressive. She graduated summa cum laude from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelors degree in Nursing in Edwardsville, Illinois. She then went on to obtain two Masters degrees: one in business administration (Loyola University Graduate School of Business) and one in Nursing (The University of Colorado). She is earning her Doctorate in Philosophy at The University of Colorado as well. Visit at to learn more

Deirdre began working in her field in 1997 at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. During her six year tenure there, she held the positions of a resource coordinator, staff nurse, and the manager of the hospital administration group. She then went on to work for the University of Michigan Health System as a business analyst and administrative manager. She was there for three years prior to going to work as an administrator for the Cardiac and Vascular Institute in Denver, Colorado. In this position, she obtained great experience in implementing business development programs, marketing strategies, and recruiting. From here, she became a senior vice president for The Camden Group, a medical billing consulting firm in El Segundo, California that works with companies like GE Healthcare Partners. It is with her vast knowledge and experience that generated annual revenue of $6.6 million.

Deirdre Baggot is an authority on medical billing, and has been a keynote speaker at numerous national conferences including Medtronics, HFMA, and Innovation Summit. She is a go-to person to review Medicare and Medicaid models. She is also an expert on the form of payment known as the bundle payment. She is acknowledged nationwide for her expertise in this area.

Due to her extensive background specifically in medical billing, Deirdre Baggot has been featured on numerous National Public Radio shows, including Planet Money, the Morning Edition, and All Things Considered.



Vijay Eswaran: Helping People Succeed By Teaching Them His Philosophy

All around the world millions of people enjoy a better quality of life because of Vijay Eswaran. The co-founder and CEO of the direct sales industry giant the QI Group, Eswaran has helped to create jobs for over a million people and positively impacted the lives of countless others by making them more prosperous. He also provides food, clothing and shelter through his charitable organizations the Vijayaratnam Foundation as well as the RYTHM Foundation. One gift Vijay Eswaran has given that will continue to benefit people long after he’s gone is sharing his personal and business philosophy.

Through the books he has written, ‘On The Wings of Thought’, ‘In The Thinking Zone’, ‘In the Sphere of Silence’ and ’18 Stepping Stones’, Eswaran has helped millions of people to develop a positive mindset that leads to achievement. To help them overcome fear and use it to their benefit, he has written long-form articles like The Stages Of Change, 3 Ways Fear Drives Success, 5 Cs of Servant Leadership and Two Minutes From The Abyss. These articles have been published in newspapers throughout Asia and also appear in a compilation of Vijay Eswaran’s works called ‘As I See It’.

People respect Vijay Eswaran because they have seen him work hard and go from a middle-class community, build a company which generates almost a billion dollars each year, become very wealthy and help many other people to do the same. The key to Eswaran’s success is his simple yet effective personal and business philosophy. Vijay Eswaran understands if a person can clearly and regularly envision themselves succeeding, believe it is possible to make that vision a reality, create a well thought out plan and follow it step-by-step, they can achieve all their goals.

Over the past 20 years, Vijay Eswaran has helped countless people to put this philosophy into practice and improves their lives. Although he has given millions in charitable donations, many say sharing his philosophy with the masses is the greatest gift Vijay Eswaran has ever given. It’s more precious than money because it teaches people how to fulfill their potential.

The Career of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is the owner of a company known as HCRC Staffing. The company serves as a resource for medical professionals who are looking to get employment in the healthcare industry. Over the years, Brian has helped a number of doctors get good jobs on a consistent basis. What has made Brian Torchin and his company valuable to medical professionals is his experience, He has spent a number of years as a medical practitioner himself. During his career he worked in chiropractic medicine which allowed him to treat a number of back conditions for both athletes and individuals. Since finding and getting a job in the chiropractic field can be quite difficult, Brian wanted to start a company where he can help healthcare practitioners more efficiently find work. Healthcare organizations don’t often list jobs publicly so Brian looks to help healthcare workers learn about these job openings and apply to them more easily. Visit for more info.

When Brian Torchin founded his company, his mission was to help bridge the gap between healthcare practitioners looking for work and the organizations that were hiring. His company has helped a number of healthcare professionals and companies merge to make arrangements for employment. He would also found HCRC Staffing to help medical practitioners make valuable connections in the industry in order to advance their career. Being a chiropractor allowed Brian to understand that getting employment in the industry can be a challenge. Therefore he has devoted himself to ensuring that healthcare practitioners avoid going through the difficulties associated with finding work.

Prior to founding his company and practicing chiropractic medicine, Brian educated himself in the field. He would attend college and receive his bachelor’s degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware. After completing his undergraduate degree program, he would then move on to attend and complete chiropractic school. Brian Torchin had an interest in chiropractic medicine soon after he completed college. By going to chiropractic school, Brian was able to turn his passion into a rewarding career. This career would then lead to another career in entrepreneurship. Today, Brian has successfully founded and operated HCRC Staffing to help healthcare professionals enhance their career prospects.


Deirdre Baggot Writes About Four Things The Healthcare Industry Needs To Get Right For The Upcoming Changes

Deirdre Baggot has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. She is one of the foremost authorities when it comes to reforming the healthcare payment system and has provided insight in numerous ways about this, including on PBS shows like Morning Edition and Planet Money. She was one of the industry pioneers who developed the CMS Acute Care Episode program which is a form of bundled payment. She is also a consultant who uses her deep experience in the industry to advise healthcare company executives and officials about their business strategies and approach to bundled payments. Read More articles at to learn more.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation has started a national pilot of their new bundled payments system. The entire health system follows what Medicare does so this is a very important development in the industry. Deirdre Baggot says that in order to achieve success there are four things about bundled payments that every healthcare organization needs to fully understand in order to make this new system work.

The first rule she brings up is that healthcare providers need to provide everything that their patient needs while leaving out everything that they don’t. Currently people in this industry balance what a patient needs with what the patient and/or their families think they need, which can lead to litigation if patients don’t get what they want. Bundled payments seek to solve this issue by creating discipline in the industry to only do and prescribe what a patient truly needs.

Second, there is no volume play anymore. This means that healthcare companies need to lower the cost of care because they won’t receive Medicare discounts anymore. Third, healthcare companies will need to be effective at change management. Hospitals can build up things like unquestioned routines over time and become resistant to change. Good managers will encourage people in the organization to change through both accomplishments and errors.

Finally, Deirdre Baggot says that healthcare management will need to become very familiar with what real accountability looks like. She says that bundled payments are a health reform that uses an evidence-based approach. Best practices need to be followed because it will no longer be an option but a requirement. Visit:


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