Information on America’s 200th largest bank in the World

Nexbank Capital, Inc. is a financial services company who assists their clients through three main businesses, mortgage, and commercial banking. This company gives modified banking and financial services mostly in order to head individuals, corporations, financial institutions, and institutional clients throughout the U.S.A. It is located in Dallas, Texas and is the 200th biggest bank in America as well as the 13th in Texas. This Bank started up in the year 1934.

In New Orleans Louisiana on Monday November, 7, 2016 John Holt the CEO and President of NexBank Capital Inc. received a great opportunity. This opportunity was to serve as a panelist at the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. This such panel was titled “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”.

This conference is a meeting place for bank consultants, leaders, and advisors to share their ideas on the important challenges and opportunities that they face. Both the participants and panelists discover strategic opportunities through the performance of the M&A, also in the branching and organic growth.

Aside from the conference, the mission of NexBank is to be committed to their clients and deliver uncommon value at any chance they get. They give their clients unmatched access to modified and difficult solutions brought to them by experienced professionals with records with proof of success.

Now, some simple facts about NexBank. This bank is a regional bank which contains $5.3 billion as well as a charter dating back to 1922. Their legal lending limit is $101 million with syndication abilities for bigger transactions. Finally, the Small Business Association gives them a preferred lender status.


Waiakea Water is Changing the Water Industry in Favor of the Planet

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water launched in 2012 and has grown exponentially, 5,000% to be exact. In 2015 alone they were able to add their product in almost 2,000 stores across the United States. Waiakea developed their water with health, charitable actions, and sustainability in mind. They celebrated this expansion by opening another facility in Hawaii to manufacture the product. Waiakea has recognized a growing desire for their product and intend to meet the demand.

Waiakea water is on the mission to encourage people to drink ethically. They partnered with Pump Aid to donate clean water: 650 liters for every liter sold. Their donated water has reached rural and struggling areas of Africa.

One major thing that makes Waiakea stand out from other water companies in the world is the fact that they face the world differently. They are the first company to provide premium bottled water and be certified as CarbonNeutral®. Many people are opposed to bottled water, and, usually, it’s warranted. The bottles produce excessive amounts of pollution and garbage; many bottles aren’t recycled properly and spend their lives in land fills and trash piles. The way their bottles are produced creates ninety percent less emissions than traditional bottled water companies. Their packaging is created with recycled bottles. Everything they do gives their customers the feelings of contributing to a better world and a brighter future.
Along with being sustainable and maintaining a focus on philanthropy, Waiakea water also provides many health benefits. The water comes from a naturally filtered and clean source, which includes minerals and is organically alkaline. The Waiakea springs water is filtered naturally through volcanic rock instead of machinery causing pollution. Another huge benefit to consuming this water is it naturally has the perfect amount of silica in it. Scientific studies have shown that consuming the correct amount of silica will reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s by eleven percent!

Two of the most popular stores that you can find this water at include Whole Foods and Wawa. They are starting to expand into other stores around the globe. The founders of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water have thought their product through and are always developing earth-friendly ways to provide the benefits of volcanic water to the world.

Mike Baur’s Success and Career Accomplishments

About Mike Baur


Mike Baur is an accomplished Swiss entrepreneur. He has over 20 years of experience in the banking industry. He worked for Clariden Leu and UBS before quitting to start his startup companies. In 2014, Mike partnered with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister to start Swiss Startup Factory, an accelerator for innovative startups. Besides, Mike participated as a jury member at the START Summiteer, a startup acceleration contest held at the University of St Gallen.


Mike was appointed the Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest after it joined forces with Swiss Startup Factory. Besides, Mike led Swiss Startup Factory through its partnership with Fintech Fusion as well as its accelerator program with Goldback Group. Mike Baur accomplished his goal of empowering young digital entrepreneurs by co-founding Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. The accelerator provides mentoring and training to digital young entrepreneurs in Switzerland. It also provides financial support to promising start-ups. Again, its accelerator program provides access to rent-free offices in Zurich, Switzerland.


Participating start-ups learn how to market their products and services in the global marketplace. Again, Swiss Startup accelerator program creates an opportunity to network with fellow digital entrepreneurs. Participants also learn how to obtain funding from investors. That helps increase the likelihood of long-term success.


Besides providing funds to tech startups, SSUF encourages them to attend pitching contests. In fact, Mike served as a juror during START Summiteer, a pitching competition held in 2014. The event creates a platform for the founders of 30 new start-ups to showcase their products, business models, and plans publicly. Experienced financial experts evaluate several aspects of their projects before declaring the winner. In fact, Mike’s participation in the START Summiteer helped establish SSUF as a credible and reputable startup accelerator.


Today, Mike Baur continues to work in the SSUF while still running Think Reloaded, a firm that focuses on providing financial advice to affluent clients. At SSUF, Mike concentrates on mentoring and funding young tech entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Besides, he sits on the board of BV4. Although Mike Baur could have devoted his life to a lucrative banking career, he decided to follow his passion. His efforts have helped many tech entrepreneurs to refine and implement their ideas. Mike Baur’s SSUF promotes technological progress and economic development by making investment funds available to promising entrepreneurs. Again, its accelerator programs expedite the start-up process to ensure innovations enter the market at opportune times.


How Andrew Rolfe has Impacted Lives through the Ubuntu Education Fund

The recent Ubuntu Education Fund Gala dinner hoped to raise a total of $972,000 but surpassed that figure by raising £603,000, which in South African Rand translates to R10 million. The money has been budgeted for disadvantaged children and the expansion of the capacity at the Ubuntu’s Port Elizabeth campus. The pediatric clinic of the institution will also get a small contribution from the amount raised.

The beneficiaries of the Ubuntu Education Fund

The little pool of resources and the scattered workforce that runs Ubuntu have been able to support 400,000 young people across Africa alone. The funds go into education, childhood training, health, and career development of young South Africans. In recent times, nutrition, HIV infections, water, and homes have been given a prominence in the Ubuntu programs.

Stories of impacted lives

Sinesipho Rabidyani captured the hearts and the attention of the audience when she narrated how she benefited from the life-changing efforts of the Ubuntu Education Fund. The gala had more than 300 well known and philanthropists and socialites from across London city. They graced the occasion and made great personal contributions. Sinesipho had an abusive childhood, by being raised by an alcoholic father, a situation, which almost denied her the chance to pursue her education.

She went ahead to be one of the greatest beneficiaries of the program when she received mentoring and counseling support. The motivation took her to study passionately and subsequently qualify for a scholarship to study law. She also went ahead to assist her mother walk away from the abusive marriage and patriarchal society.

Andrew Rolfe and his commitments

Andrew Rolfe closed the gala with his speech, in the capacity of the chairman and also as the founder of the Fund. He reported that the Ubuntu Education Fund had been able to expand and is now supporting more than 2,000 young school-going children in Port Elizabeth. He also highlighted the plight of food and nutrition, which his organization is adequately catering for through the funds.

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman and the founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund as well as the Managing Director of the Tower Book Capital Partners. Rolfe studied Business Economics at the University, at Harvard, where he similarly graduated with a Master’s degree in Business. He also has a Master’s degree from the St. Edmund Hall in Oxford and an Undergraduate degree from the University of Oxford, which he graduated in 1988.


Karl Heideck’s Review On Philadelphia’s New Salary Law

Karl Heideck’s Review On Philadelphia’s New Salary Law
Karl Heideck’s Review On Philadelphia’s New Salary Law

At the beginning of 2007, Mayor Jim Kenney added his signature to the newly introduced bill which would prevent employers working in the private sector from inquiring about their employee’s salary history. His signature made Philly become the first city in the United States to implement this law.

Like many things, the implementation never went on smoothly. There were numerous challenges they faced. A few weeks before the law could take effect, legal challenges were brought by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia. They argued it’s unconstitutional. Outlined below are details of how the events went and the reason behind them.

Understanding the law

Lawmakers structured ordinances to help which significantly assisted in closing the wage gap which existed between the male and the female all over Pennsylvania. The employers were permanently not allowed to independently getting the job applicant’s data without their knowledge, asking job applicants to share their salary history and punishing their employees for not revealing details about their previous wages.

The people who were affected

Besides the new law directly affecting employers and staff living in Philly, research shows other businesses outside Philly will as well be affected. Companies which strive to violate this law will be fined as much as $2000.

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The challenges faced along the way

Before new rules are implemented, it is natural to face resistance. Legal actions were threatened against t6he city by numerous companies such as Costcam Communications. They felt their First Amendments rights were assaulted.

Why the ruling is sensible and how it ended

The city never gave the identity of the enterprises which made it very impossible for the government to take legal actions. Presently, it is unclear whether the law will face future obstacles. The chamber has to name specific companies which still question their employees about their salary history.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an attorney will many years’ experience in litigation, risk management review and compliance. He schooled in Swarthmore College and in the Temple University- James E Beasley School of Law where he graduated in 2009.

Presently, Karl Heideck offers professional services in legal matters. He is as well a talented writer and writes on a regular basis.

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Beneful Brand Dog Food is Changing How People Feed Their Pets

It is one thing to compare one brand of dog food to another by ingredients, it is another to just rip open the bag and let your pet decide. When was the last time you let your dog compare food choices? It might even surprise you that when you rip open that bag of grain-free Beneful brand dog food, that it is more visually appealing than any other. Those colorful real vegetables and moist real farm-raised chicken chunks will have your dog scrambling for that food bowl each day.Looking more closely inside the bag of grain-free Beneful brand dog food, all those fillers and gluten have been stripped away and replaced with nutritional ingredients that will allow your dog to grow and thrive the rest of their life.

Each bag contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals that provide abundant nutritional value without sacrificing taste. Those colorful accents you see in each bag are real bits of spinach, pumpkin, and blueberries.When you are deciding what is the best food for your dog, consider what goes into making the Beneful brand dog food to help with your decision. Every factory worker at the Purina facilities throughout the US are not only seeing and inspecting every morsel of food in the bag, they know this is the only food choice for their own pets. Several quality checks throughout the packaging process ensure that your dog is getting the healthiest nutritional meal possible, something you can bank on when having to choose what is best for your pet.

US Money Reserve

In June of 2017, U.S Money Reserve, released an eBook pertaining to the current global political unrest called, The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money. The material is aimed at helping people protect themselves against major economic turmoil, by owning gold. Gold is a trusted asset during major unrest.

With political instability and threats between nations, many Americans are looking for a safe haven. Trade wars loom, the dollar is unstable and potential outright war may be coming. U.S. Money Reserve is currently offering people the option to purchase 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins at cost. These are U.S. Government issued coins.

History shows that gold prices rise the most during times of economic and political uncertainty. Now is definitely just such a time. Gold is a tangible asset and less volatile than most other types of assets. It is a government issued asset to protect your savings from global risk and potential loss.

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest private providers of U.S. government issued gold, silver and platinum. The company has been in business since 2001. They have thousands of clients who trust them to provide high quality options for diversifying into precious metals.

Over the past decade, gold and other precious metals have greatly outperformed many other asset classes. With the turmoil in Asian economies and the uncertainty of many European nations, gold could experience significant upside movement. When there is volatility in currencies, many people look to gold as a way to maintain the value of their assets.

U.S. Reserve offers a BuyBack Guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your order, they will accept the return of certified coins with 30 days of purchase. The coins can be refunded at the current market value or original purchase price minus a 20% restocking fee. Coins must be in their original condition as well.

The company run by Philip Diehl, has a trained team of numismatic professionals, to provide market information to help clients find just the right product for their needs. They provide expert customer service, with the goal of developing long term relationships with all clients.

Diehl was the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint before joining the firm. He currently serves as the company’s CEO. He brings expert knowledge of the industry to the company. When looking to diversify your portfolio, U.S. Money Reserve provides high quality products as well as high quality advice and service.

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Adam Milstein Believes In The Community

Adam Milstein is a successful real estate investor who believes that giving back to the community is the most important element of his day. Adam began his career in real estate by working for his father who was a developer in his native country of Israel. Adam went on to serve in the Israeli military.

He earned a bachelor’s degree and decided that he should seek further education in the United States. Adam came to America with his wife and children and began studying at the University of Southern California.

He earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the university and looked to apply it in Corporate America. The job offers did not suit Adam Milstein’s liking. He was ambitious and wanted to make a mark in the industry.

The companies recruiting Adam did not show interest in his drive or personal character. He decided to venture out on his own as a real estate broker. This is were Adam learned the ins-and-outs of a slow-moving and intricate business. It takes time to make money in real estate. Adam developed the patience that goes along with maneuvering a company into the right position. He passed on get rich quick philosophies and allowed success in the industry to come to him. Adam is now a managing partner at Hagar Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein has learned that entrepreneurs never get a day off. Each business evolution brings different variables to the table. It is important to have a plan. However, Adam does not burden himself with goals that others believe he should be achieving. His day flows and he looks to solve each problem in its own unique way. A leader should know what is going on with every aspect of their business. Successful entrepreneurs do not pass troubles on to others within the organization.

Adam founded the Adam and Mila Milstein Family Foundation as an effort to reach out to Jewish Americans. The foundation has many functions. One of them is educating the local Jewish Community about their native history. Strengthening the knowledge of Jewish Americans is essential to building a relationship between the United States and the country of Israel.

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Kim Dao’s Winter Routine

Kim Dao’s winter skincare routine may be found below, and she has a sensible plan that will make any woman feel much better about her skin. The plan is a basic on that takes a woman through simple steps to introduce moisture back to her skin. Kim admits that she has dry skin, and she wants to show all women with dry skin that there is a way to make a change.


#1: Pulling Hair Back And Removing Makeup


Hair must be pulled back, and all makeup must be removed before any skincare routine may be started. Ladies who are not careful with their skin will find that they simply cannot get good results because their makeup gets in the way. Learn more:


#2: Moisturizer


Kim uses a day and night cream because that is the only way to introduce enough moisture to make a difference. She feels as though a lady who has moisturized twice a day will have enough reason to believe her skin will be soft. Learn more:


#3: The Toner


Kim wants women to use a toner, and she encourages all women to use this often because it keeps her skin firm when she has had a hard day. This is the final step in a simple process that any woman may repeat, and ladies who use prescription skin treatments may use them at any time in this process. Learn more:


Kim Dao has done an excellent job of explaining her skin care routine. It helps the woman with dry skin in the winter. Learn more:





Creating a New Model for Fast Food; the Story of Sweetgreens

Experts in entrepreneurship say that the ideal entrepreneur should bank more on their idea when investing than financial or human capital. Sweetgreen is one legacy restaurant company which has proven this statement to be true. What started out as a simple idea by three Georgetown finance students has become one of the most popular high-end salad chains in the country. The brand has received endorsements from celebrities like Danny Meyer, Steve Case, and Daniel Boulud. Their recipe is so popular that the lines are always long in the 40 locations of Sweetgreen across the country. Learn more:


The one thing that Nathaniel Ru, the CEO of the company feels has led to their growth and success is the fact that they created a brand which stands for something. Their main aim is to feed people with healthier and better food options. While eating fresh, local and organic products, has been a fad, and many restaurant chains have switched to accommodate the trend, few have the technological edge that Sweetgreen added to their product packaging. Nathaniel states that more than 30 percent of their customers make orders through the company’s mobile application. Learn more:


The three co-founders of the chain have been planning their management techniques. To stay as close to the customer as possible, they have done away with corporate headquarters, and they shut down their offices five times each year so that the managerial team can meet and interact with their customers in the restaurants. Ru and the other co-founders, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet met at an entrepreneurship class they took in Georgetown. They came up with the idea because the school lacked healthy eating options. They state that after they had survived the first winter with no students in college, the trio knew they could make it in business. Learn more:


About Nathaniel Ru


Nathaniel Ru is a graduate of the Georgetown University’s McDonough School of business, where he studied finance. In 2007, he started Sweetgreen with his two friends. Nathaniel is a first generation immigrant, and his father was also an entrepreneur like him. Other companies that he has made investments in include LOLA, Bond Street, EatPops, and MeUndies. He currently resides in New York, the headquarters of Sweetgreen.


In addition to co-founding Sweetgreen, Nathaniel and his colleagues went ahead to create the Sweet life festival, an annual event which celebrates music and the high culture that Sweetgreen and the whole Sweet Life venture advocates. The popularity of their business model shows how far an entrepreneur can go when they base their business ideas on the values of their clients.



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