Ancient Wisdom of Kabbalah Taught in Kabbalah Centres Globally

There are thousands of different religions in the world. Kabbalah is an ancient religion that dates back over 4,000 years, and it is firmly rooted in the Jewish traditions. The way in which Kabbalah is taught today is different than that of ages past.

Kabbalah instructors offer sensible, practical tools to teach students how to search for and find lasting joy and fulfillment. Kabbalahists are convinced that you will completely change the way you look at yourself and the world around you when you are taught its principles.

Students of all faith and ages follow Kabbalah because it precedes religion and the Bible. The courses present ancient wisdom that is then used to help students to improve their lives and produce positive influences in their lives. In a Kabbalah Centre, students come together to study the principles and find the joy that exists in each one.

Kabbalah Centres

The Kabbalah Centre was first established in 1922 in Israel, and today there are 40 physical locations around the world that teach this wisdom. The teachers in the Kabbalah Centre provide students Kabbalistic principles that give them spiritual tools, which they can apply to their own lives. The wisdom assists them in making better decisions for themselves and those around them. The objective is to create a positive difference in the life journey of each student.

Every day classes are taught in the Kabbalah Centre, and if the student doesn’t live near a physical Kabbalah Centre, there are now classes taught over the Internet. The Centres offer weekly and monthly events and dinners, so the students can assemble together. The Centre also organizes spiritual retreats and visits to energy sites, which are locations that have been touched in some way by the Kabbalahists.

As one of the principles of Kabbalah, every year, students participate in organizing projects such as feeding the homeless, cleaning beaches and visiting hospital patients. Kabbalah has a generous heart, and the students are practicing the wisdom as they volunteer. One-on-one mentorship is encouraged as well as reading the recent books and CDs that have been produced. Visit their website for more information about the Kabbalah Centre.

EuGenia Shea’s Products Help Women Around the World

Shea butter has a number of uses when it comes to health and beauty. The all-natural moisturizer can be applied to the skin before going outside as a sunscreen, and can be used after spending a day in the sun as a soothing agent for sunburn. Shea butter is also a conditioner for the hair and scalp, and can be used to treat chronic dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. The antibacterial properties of shea butter also make it an effective facial cream, since the butter eliminates breakouts and helps to fade dark spots. These are just some of the reasons EuGenia Shea is increasing in popularity.

EuGenia Shea launched a few months ago, and Naa-Sakle Akuete, a former Wall Street analyst, is the company’s founder. She works with her mother, EuGenia to make the shea butter empire a business that will assist women all over the world. EuGenia runs the company that supplies the shea nuts for the products. EuGenia Shea has also partnered with several all-female co-ops in the northern region of Ghana, in order to provide high wages for female workers. Many of the women who work in these co-ops are mothers, and the above-average pay allows them to better care for their families.

EuGenia Shea offers moisturizers to treat a number of skin and beauty concerns. For instance, there’s a special blend for pregnant women to get rid of and prevent stretch marks, and a dermatological shea butter to shield the skin from dark marks and blemishes.

EuGenia Shea butters make a great gift, and the company also offers a subscription service for customers who want to receive the moisturizers on a regular basis.

Prevent Doxxing Attacks

Getting ‘doxxed’ is one of the biggest threats to internet users in today’s information age. The internet is one of the most important tools int he world due to how it lets us connect with people anywhere on the planet. The internet is also a tool that can be abused, allowing sinister folks to accumulate data on other people before abusing their privacy rights and stealing their identity. Darius Fisher, the CEO of Status Labs, is focused on making sure as few people as possible suffer from this form of ‘doxxing’ attack. The reputation management CEO brought up some wonderful tips for avoiding falling victim yourself.

The first tip that the Status Labs CEO advocated was simple in text but difficult in practice: remove as much information regarding yourself from the internet. Now if you grew up with the internet, like many people my age, you’ve spent a vast portion of your life online. This means that you need to dig deep to find all of your online information. Once you’ve done this try to get as much removed as possible: email web owners, take down what you can access, and get a lawyer involved if required.

Next up Fisher advocates the frequent changing of your passwords. Not only do you want to get into a habit of changing your passwords frequently, but you want to make sure that you don’t use the same password for multiple accounts. The reason for this is simple: if you end up losing one account’s security then the rest will likely fall. Make your passwords a combination of letters, symbols, numbers and more. Keep your passwords collected in an offline notebook if you are afraid of forgetting them. Don’t store your different passwords on your computer or anywhere on the internet as they can potentially get hacked.

Finally you need to get into the habit of being aware of your identity. Set up a Google Alert on your name and make sure to frequently search yourself. Staying proactive is the best way to get rid of any potentially damaging content before it gets posted.


Lime Crime Makeup Brand More Than Just A Pretty Palette Of Wild Colors

Most of us buy makeup without ever knowing much about the brand and how the company came about. With Lime Crime cosmetics, it’s different, because the brand’s global fan base admires the founder and CEO Doe Deere.

Doe Deere was born in Russia and later moved to the United States with her family, bringing with her a love of color, creativity, imagination and all things whimsical.

In an interview with, we learn how her rise to the top was a bit bumpy at the start, but through strong determination, intelligence and a savvy computer talent, Lime Crime makeup has arrived, everyone!

The brand is now all over the red carpet on sexy women like Nicki Minaj, Taryn Manning, Garcelle Beauvais and other stars. There’s something special about the crazy color palettes, beautifully pigmented makeup and even the philosophy behind the label.

Doe Deere loves playing around with bright colors on her hair, fashion and especially her pretty face. She created Lime Crime makeup in 2008, according to the official blog, because she desired modern makeup that went far beyond the typical, traditional beige palette.

Lime Crime features the gorgeous unusual, like metallic gold lipstick or a wet foil eye shadow duo in Lawn/Flamingo. It’s vivid, stunning and in your face cosmetics, and Doe Deere says it’s makeup that defines the color revolution, for young women and men who dare to “color outside the lines.”

Doe Deere’s constant interactive engagement with her online customers and Lime Crime community is paying off. The company is soaring higher with 2.2 million followers and recognition by her peers.

Doe Deere has recently been named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine since establishing her non-traditional makeup brand. Suddenly, the other cosmetics companies are scrambling to create wild palettes of blue lipsticks and red eye shadows and trying to dupe her unique makeup collections.

Doe Deere sells Lime Crime makeup online here and at popular retailers like Urban Outfitters, Naimie’s Beauty Center and others.

Doe Deere also believes in giving back to her community, helping various charities for children, women and animals.

Kenneth Goodgame One of Chicago’s Best

Kenneth Goodgame knows marketing and since his graduation from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, he has been busy. Kenneth Goodgame has spent many years in the hardware industry with tenures at Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware, and Home Depot.
Goodgame is a man who has achieved a great deal since his graduation and is a fixture in the Chicago area. Now 58 his status will allow him to be a mentor and supporter of others in the Chicago area. A man of his stature and color could be an excellent role model for Chicago youth. He is comfortable speaking in public and could start a campaign against the violence taking place in Chicago.

His long list of achievements would make him a good candidate for any company seeking a skilled and experienced merchandising professional. The study and the practice of merchandising is a central aspect of the American economy. Merchandising has been broken down into its individual components and examined by the best business minds and MBAs in the world. As economies grow and sales increase, we find that the world will offer numerous jobs, and workers and families will live happy and successful lives. But the standard economic model is being placed under strain and may even break as the American economy turns from a producer economy, in which merchandisers can ply their trade, into a service economy that is independent of any particular product. For many this change is unsettling, and the economy has to make adjustments. The corporate structure will continue, but the ways in which products and services are sold to the public will continue to change as the economy enters a stage in which no one, not corporations or executives can fathom.

Talk Fusion Chat Awarded 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award

Only one month after going live, Talk Fusion Chat was honored as the winner of the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award, reports Yahoo. The award, given by Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), highlights product solutions which support browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing, without requiring internal or external plug-ins. TMC has giving the award to high performing technology companies for over 20 years. The award is a recognition of the accomplishments and advancements that Talk Fusion have made in developing and launching this new product.

Talk Fusion Video Chat is a revolutionary communications platform, that enables users to talk face-to-face with other users from any device. The hugely popular app, which brings users together from across the world, can be purchased in the iTunes and Google Play Stores. Soon, Talk Fusion will also be launching Free Trials of its products.

Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina, with the vision to change how people communicate through original video technology. The company, based in Florida, focuses not only on providing innovative products, but also in giving back to the community. Now it offers video email, video newsletters, video blogs, and more. In its early days, Talk Fusion launched an Instant Pay Compensation Plan, the first of its kind. The full range of Talk Fusion products are marketed person-to-person by a global network of independent Associates, operating in over 140 countries.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is Dedicated to Improving Peoples’ Smiles and Living Life to the Fullest

Avi Weisfogel is a licensed dentist with a passion for treating sleep disorders in alternative ways. Centralizing his practice in New Jersey, he has spent time teaching hundreds of other dentists how to treat patients with sleep apnea or other forms of sleep disorders. Since this is not a common practice, Avi Weisfogel helps many who didn’t think they could find help.

Weisfogel has owned and managed several dentist offices in Old Bridge, New Jersey including Healthy Heart Sleep and Dental Sleep Masters. He lectures for hundreds of dentists in seminars at Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. Dr. Weisfogel is avid about helping people through dentistry, but the profession of helping people to sleep more soundly adds one more way the dentist is able to help his patients. He has won the title of Best Dentist numerous time since opening his office, Old Bridge Dental Care, 16 years ago.

Besides being a caring and compassionate dentist, Weisfogel is a philanthropist with a heart for children in foreign countries who have been born with facial abnormalities like cleft lip. He and his wife Kathleen, who is a nurse, traveled to the Philippines with a team of doctors and assisted in helping these children with surgeries to improve the problems. When they returned, he started a campaign to donate to Operation Smile.

Dr. Weisfogel also participates in the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, which is celebrating its 25 Anniversary. Avi is focused on his work, but he also loves spending time with his children. He is a member of Vimeo, and has fun selecting videos with his children and posting them to share. You can go to or to see a variety of his videos.

To stay up-to-date with friend’s and family, Avi is proficient in Facebook and Twitter and his biography is posted on Tumblr at This is interesting for his potential patients and others. Dr. Weisfogel is extremely busy in his career and with his family, and he lives up to his confession that he is living life to its fullest and loving it!

Eric achievements during his career

Eric Pulier a business man, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist and a technologist too. He has played a significant role in the formation of more than 15 companies currently doing well in different economic segments. Some of the firms include Digital Evolution, US interactive, and ServiceMesh.

In his philanthropic activities, he has contributed a lot to many companies that need financial support. A number of nonprofit organizations have been able to get funding from Eric Pulier. Apart from that, he has also been helping people who are less fortunate in the society by providing food shelter and other needs through his companies. By so doing he has helped a lot in reducing the poverty level in different parts of the country.

Besides from being a successful entrepreneur, he is also a father of four children. Because of his love to children he formed a social site for children with chronic illness. Many children have been using the site to connect with each other share ideas and also encourage each other. The site has been gaining popularity every year thus, making it be one of the most popular sites for children with chronic illness in the country.

Mr. Pulier resides in Los Angeles with his family. Like any other teenager, Pulier went to Teaneck High school and after joined Harvard where he studied English and American literature. While in his tertiary level, he became the author of Harvard Crimson weekly. This was a major step since it helped him practice what he enjoyed doing.

He was later chosen by the government to chair the “Bridge to the 21st century”. The event was held in Washington DC. It was attended by many people from different parts of the globe. It gave Pulier an opportunity to showcase what he was capable of thus making him be well recognized by individuals all over the country.

Pulier has also contributed a lot in healthcare technology which has been of great help to people in the health sector. He has been a board member in some of the organizations that have helped a lot in improving the living standards of the human race.

Diversant And John Goullet Specialize In New Systems

John Goullet has been working on new IT systems for his whole adult life, and he started Diversant because he wants to be sure that people could have something that actually made sense to them no matter how complicated it was. His whole system is based on customer service, and he spends a lot of time talking to the customers about how they will use their systems. He helps explain how everything works, and now he has a large team at Diversant that does that for him.

He put together the Diversant team to make sure that people would be able to use their IT systems without a problem, and his team is working on several jobs every day that make clients more efficient. Computer systems are the life blood of business, and they have to be taken care of by companies like Diversant that are expert in the area. John Goullet manages his team to make sure they do their best work, and he also wants to be sure that he can keep customers happy.

Every customer that comes to Diversant has their own need. One company might come in with a need for a brand new system, and another company might want to get some changes done to their old system. Every company gets to pick out the thing that they need, and then they will see the deliverable from Diversant come through. They will get help from the Diversant team, and they will get more care if they need it. They can reach out for anything at any time, and then they can get the help they need. Diversant is a brilliant IT company that creates systems all the time, but they are also in a position where they can care for the systems that already exist with John Goullet’s help.

Linda Owen Joins Highland Capital Management to Help Boost its Charitable Giving Program

The former president of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, Linda Owen, was recently included in Highland Capital Management’s team. James Dondero, the president and co-founder of HCM, welcomed Linda with expectations that she would deliver the desired strategic direction in steering the firm’s philanthropic activities during the continued charity giving expansion phase.

By utilizing the Dallas Foundation, Highland Capital Management gives an excess of $3 million per year to numerous charitable organizations. The Dallas Zoo, Snowball Express, Uplift Education and the Center for Brain Health are some of the various beneficiaries of Highland’s charitable giving program.

Professional Experience

Previously, Owen served as the president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. During her tenure, she managed and supervised the development of the Dallas-based Klyde Warren Park. In addition, she is the former CEO and president of The Real Estate Council, which heads the operations of the Dallas-Fort Worth commercial real estate association.

She is a proud holder of a JD from the University of Texas law school as well as a BA in economics from the same institution. She started her career at the Wald, Harkrader & Ross while working as a real estate associate. Apart from the Highland’s charitable giving program, Owen has served other numerous philanthropic organizations such as Circuit Trial Conservancy, The Family Place, and the Crystal Charity Ball.

James Dondero

Recognized for co-founding and steering the operations of Highland Capital Management into successful heights, Dondero is a man with vast experience in equity markets. He is also Known for being one of the pioneers in the development of Collateral Loan Obligations, which are offered by Highland Capital Management. During his time, he has managed to accomplish various certifications in the finance and accounting fields. Consequently, he is a Chartered Financial Analyst as well as Certified Public Accountant.

He holds the chairperson’s position in numerous organizations such as NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare as well as CCS Medical. Further, he possesses board membership in various companies including the MGM Studios and America Banknote. Dondero has in the past worked at American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst before becoming a Portfolio Manager. The original information can be obtained through this link:

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