Malcolm CasSelle Is An Entrepreneur, Inventor,  Believer And Supporter Of Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, And The WAX Platform.

Malcolm CasSelle is an innovator, entrepreneur and the President of WAX — also known as the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). WAX is a platform that helps video gamers and virtual marketplace traders exchange digital goods. WAX was created to be a service for millions of players online who currently collect, purchase or sell virtual items that are used in video games for cryptocurrency or money.

Mr. CasSelle has some impressive educational credentials. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in 1991 from MIT and also a Master’s degree in Computer Science in 1994 from Stanford University. Because of CasSelle’s education foundation in Computer Science, he has been on the cusp of information technology, the Internet, and presently, cryptocurrency, video gaming, and the blockchain.

When it comes to WAX, the WAX Tokens are a large part of the Worldwide Asset eXchange. The WAX Tokens are utility tokens that are part of your virtual goods. These WAX Tokens are used with video games. And WAX Tokens are important for gamers so that they can exchange virtual goods for Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency.

One of the great things about CasSelle’s WAX Platform is that it allows for millions of virtual goods to be traded by gamers in their virtual stores. WAX provides one, secure, decentralized online system and a Delegated Proof of Stake. CasSelle’s system is rather novel because the ecosystem is great for virtual good traders since it is robust as well as secure. Also, having the issue of trust is a real selling point for the millions of new video gamers and virtual good traders who plan to use WAX.

Some of the key points about WAX is that both the buyer and the seller that is logged on WAX is that the transactions of these virtual assets are efficient and secure. A video gamer who uses WAX won’t have to close out the game as the WAX widget in use and gamers can trade virtual goods in real-time. Gamers who are using the WAX platform will also enjoy selling and purchasing virtual goods that will be a seamless process.

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How Guilherme Paulus Became The King Of Latin America’s Tourism Industry

If you need a tour guide for Latin America you couldn’t find a better one than Guilherme Paulus. He has run that regions largest tourism company, CVC tours, since 1972. He also owns GJP Hotel and Resorts which has over 3,000 rooms in Brazil. He has been all over Latin America and says that he spends two or three days every week on the road.

His hotels offer many experiences. Some of Guilherme Paulus’ hotels are in Rio de Janiero which offers an urban experience. The hotel at Foz do Iguacu is located near some fantastic waterfalls. He has beach hotels located in both Porto de Galinhas and Natal. The hotel expert has three brands depending on who the hotel is meant for. The Linx brand is for those looking to have a budget-friendly vacation. Prodigy offers value with a mix of luxury. Wish is for those who want uncompromised personal services and luxury throughout their stay.

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He says that when he got involved in the tourism industry as a 24-year-old the idea wasn’t really his. He had been chatting with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who was a state deputy at the time. Cerchiari wanted to open a tourist office in Santo Andre. Guilherme Paulus handled the operations of this office while Cerchiari was the one with the money to make it happen.

The tourist office took off and was very popular with both Brazilians and foreigners. Carlos Vicente Cerchiari moved on to other business activities and so Guilherme Paulus took over ownership of the business. He made it increasingly popular by adding many exciting travel packages that none of his competitors were offering. He now has offices across Latin America and in other nations around the world.

Guilherme Paulus says that he is an eternal optimist and greets each day by being thankful. In order to stay on top of his companies, he writes out his entire weekly schedule which he says makes him more productive with his time as well as more organized. He spends a lot of his time traveling to his hotels where he asks guests how their stays are and the staff what improvements can be made.

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Effective Bird-Proofing Hacks Against Pigeons

Pigeons are the number one pest bird in the United States. Infestation damages account to millions of dollars per year with households and commercial establishments bearing the brunt. Still, crops are not exempted. Pigeons can eat as much as 30 grams of dry food per day, and since they always eat in flocks, the damage is astronomical. Knowing how to get rid of pigeons is a pressing need to prevent further losses.
These birds bring communicable diseases and spread it through their droppings. Aside from the pecking and nuisance, pigeons carry more threats. A widespread infestation can ruin a business establishment and even harm the customers nearby.

For tourist spots crammed with uninvited pigeons, the basic solution is stopping bird feeding. Visitors get fond of throwing crumbs which leads the fowls to congregate in large numbers. The same goes for household owners who keep a feeder too close to their property.

Since the fowls have gone used to the food source, it would be difficult to drive them away. The use of scare props like owls, moving tapes, and snake toys will be helpful. However, it’s important to move these scares regularly. Pigeons, like crows, are intelligent birds that can detect a false predator over time.
If the scare tactics didn’t work, there are more commercial products that can bird-proof a property. Spikes, nets, ultrasonic devices, and gels are commonly used among households. These are relatively long-lasting and effective if installed properly. Usually, these products are safe for both the birds and humans; however, proceed with caution when using repellent gels. It can stick to the feather of the pigeons and affect their flying ability.

Knowing how to get rid of pigeons can be a hit-and-miss process. Each infestation is different from the other and the scale can range from manageable to severe.
Some homeowners opt to shoot the pigeons roosting within their property. Although these fowls are not protected by any federal or state law, local codes might impose a different rule. It is best to contact a wildlife remover if the bird infestation is getting out of hand.

Custom Companies, Logistics and Shipping Organization

The United States is one place in the world where somebody can start from nowhere with nothing, but through determination and hard work, including effort create something amazing. This has been the example of the Custom Companies. The Customs companies is an organization that deals with logistics and shipping. The company was established over 30 years ago and has developed from a two-truck business to a large firm with operations traversing the whole world. All this success can be attributed to the vision that its founder Perry Mandela had. Perry Mandela is the CEO of the company and continues to direct its organization to new levels of success.

Custom Companies was established in 1986 by Perry Mandela. During this time, Perry could never imagine that his organization will one day become so successful. Back then, the firm was initially located in Illinois’ Elk Grove Village and with two trucks. Over the years, the company added more and more services to its repertoire. The organization’s lineup of services kept expanding as additional acquisitions were included in the company. Maybe without intentions, Perry Mandela had come up with an organization that would become a leader in the full-service transportation world.

Tracing back to 1986 when Custom Companies was a small two-truck business, it is remarkable to reflect on how much the organization’s reach has enlarged over the years. Currently, the full-service transportation firm is proud of an inventory of 2,000 and above pieces of equipment in the United States. The company has its main offices in Northlake, Illinois. Presently, the company clears over $200 million per year in sales, and it is widely considered one of the leading full-service transportation companies in the country.

The roster of service of Custom Companies has expanded steadily over its 30 years and above of operation. Presently, the organization has over 2,000 pieces of equipment and machinery within the United States. Some of the services that the company currently offers include:

  • Truckload services both partial and full
  • Hot shot services
  • Devoted contract cartage,
  • International and domestic air freight
  • Direct mail delivery services
  • Logistics management
  • Expedited ground services

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IC System: Two Common Questions People Have About This Company

IC System is a leader in the debt collection industry. They have been around since the late 30s and have grown to become one of the most popular companies in the industry. They believe in treating each and every client with respect and dignity, and they feel the same way about data they collect.


What Should A Person Do If IC System Calls Them?

One of the most common questions people have is what they should do if IC System contacts them. If a person receives a call, the first thing they need to realize is this is a normal part of the collection process. IC System, and all other collection agencies, follow guidelines that layout the rules in regards how they can interact with customers when they call. These guidelines are set in place, in part, to ensure personal data is up to date. This means customers should provide IC System with their first and last name.


When a customer’s info is verified, they can talk to IC System about their account. An agent with the company will tell the customer the solutions they have to help get the outstanding account/accounts resolved.


What Should You Do If IC System Is Listed On Your Credit Report?

Another common question is what should people do if IC System is on their credit report? If IC System is on your credit report and the information is correct, then it means you owe debt. You can contact IC System and ask them about the debt. If you’re able to, you can pay it off or work out a payment plan with IC System.


An agent with the company will explain the process of paying the debt back. However, they can also help you investigate if the listing on your report is not supposed to be there. This may reveal a case of identity theft, which means you actually weren’t the one that made the purchase and racked up the debt.

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Parents can use TeenSafe to Protect their Kids from the Growing Dark Presence on the Internet

Many parents honestly know about the danger of the internet. However, there is a side of the online world they might not even be aware of. It is called the Dark Web and it is a region of the internet that any person with good sense would simply avoid. The Dark Web is a place where people can engage in atrocious acts, buy illegal drugs, secure weapons, join terrorist organizations and even find people who are willing to commit abominable acts against other individuals. What’s even scarier is the anonymity of the Dark Web. People can literally hide in the dark reaches of the Dark Web to wait for victims. Once a person stumbles upon their site, they can quickly become victimized.


Malicious codes can deceptively steal information from a computer that visits a hidden Dark Web site. People can even set up programs that can automatically spy on visitors who stumble upon a site. There have even been reports about people coming up missing or even found deceased shortly after visiting the Dark Web. While this type of thing does not typically happen, there are incidents where it does occur.


TeenSafe was created to stop internet threats that take place on regular websites. However, the software also has the ability to detect strange web activity by users. If a child accesses the Dark Web, parents will quickly discover this irregular behavior with the use of TeenSafe. TeenSafe might not be able to tell a parent what a child was viewing during their visit to the Dark Web; but it can certainly tell them that their child was some forbidden place while online.


The last thing any parent needs is to be approached by national law enforcement officials who suspect their child of some major criminal activity. TeenSafe will help to keep parents in the know about what is going on with their child’s online habits. Ultimately, the Dark Web is not a place for children to visit and TeenSafe can help to ensure that they never are exposed to this dark presence.

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Steve Hutensky Excited to Produce Pieces of Her for Television

Steve Hutensky is part of the production team for Pieces of Her that has been picked up for television. The show ‘s adaptation will follow the storyline in Karin Slaughter’s novel by the same name. While the novel has just hit the bookstore shelves, Steve is excited about the development of the book into shows for the small screen.


Hutensky states Made Up Stories will be developing the project with Endeavor Content. This novel is about a woman who discovers things about her mother she never knew after her mother kills a shooter that has gone on a violent rampage at a mall. The woman’s life starts to unravel as she deals with learning the true identity of her mother. An identity her mother has been hiding from her for almost thirty years.


The adaptation of Pieces of Her will be directed by the Emmy-nominated director Lesli Linka Glatter, who has worked on episodes of Homeland and Mad Men. Writer Charlotte Stoudt will adapt the novel and assist with production. The novel’s complex mother and daughter characters, along with the suspenseful storyline, will bring excitement to the series unlike any other show on television. Steve is proud of producing such works and of supporting female content creators.


After getting a history degree from Dartmouth then a Law Degree from New York University, Steve Hutensky started his work in the film industry as an independent producer. He spent those early years based in New York City where, in 2005, he formed his own production company Walk The Walk Entertainment. Steve still runs this company today while also working for several companies in the film business over the years. He is married to Executive Producer Bruna Papandrea. Steve works alongside her at her production company Made Up Stories which is developing Pieces of Her. Steve Hutensky now lives in Los Angeles with Bruna and their two children.



Get Reliable Medicine With Marathon Pharmaceuticals

There are several pharmaceutical companies that try diligently to compete with the Marathon Pharmaceutical network. They focus on low level pharmaceuticals while other brands are focused on doing numbers. Marathon works with patients that suffer from debilitating illnesses. Their medical professionals focus on movement disorders, cancer, and much more. They understand how important it is for their patients to get reliable healthcare. Build a healthcare network that will allow you to live a productive lifestyle. Thousands of customers are choosing the Marathon network to build a gateway for better medical attention in a complex industry.


Recent Marathon Medical News


You can choose from a solid medical plan that will allow you to pick and choose your desired treatment. Marathon is responsible for popular medicine like PEPCID® and Amytal Sodium for serious illnesses. They’ve been able to compete with other successful big name medical professionals in the industry by creating reliable medicine in several clinical studies and medical trials. You’ll be glad to know you’re getting treatment with a competent medical provider. They’ve been able to revolutionize the way people see the medical industry. Trust their team of professionals to give you a second chance at productivity with reliable medicine.


Other Marathon Medical News


Marathon remains committed to medicine one patient at a time. They specialize in personalized care to solve their patients illnesses or medical problems. Their team of professionals remain committed to your unique medical needs. You can enjoy the benefits of knowing Marathon wants to see your love ones well. The rising cost of medicine has also left a lot of patients stranded without the medical attention they need. Learn more about Marathon by visiting their official website for more details. Marathon Pharmaceuticals is making ground breaking therapy in medicine.



The Philantrophy Of Perry Mandera

The Custom Companies was started by Perry Mandera. He has grown his company into being one of the largest logistics and transportation companies throughout North America. He has created a sense of giving and charity in his company. The community of Chicago has benefited from the generous acts of Perry Mandera’s company.


There are many things that Perry Mandera enjoys giving back to. Particularly, he likes helping children. He has helped the children of Chicago for many years. He has participated in many fundraisers that raise money to donate back to local causes that help to benefit the children of Chicago. Around the holidays, the businessman sponsors events that give back. He always makes sure to work with organizations that are personal to him. Wherever he places his money, it is to a cause or charity he feels deeply connected to. The University of Chicago is one of the places he donates money. Catholic Charities and Lynn Sage Foundation are two more charities he donates money to.


One impressive factor about Perry Mandera’s giving is how his giving is not limited to financial donations. He has worked during the winter months to collect coats and make sure over one thousand adults and children had coats for the brutal Chicago winter. Christmas is his favorite holiday. To make sure others have an enjoyable Christmas, he has donated clothing and money and goods to people in need. He makes sure Chicago families do not go without a warm meal during the Christmas season.


Perry Mandera is regarded as a mentor and coach to the youth of Chicago. He has coached, basketball and baseball teams for the community. He regularly makes donations to his church. He is a sponsor of The Mercy Home. He has worked to make sure the charity continues to open and maintain the youth homes they have opened throughout the Chicago area. Although he is such a busy man, he makes time for his family. Spending time with his family is a priority. Making sure The Custom Companies are a fully functional company is one of his many priorities as well.

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Roberto Santiago And His Manaira Shopping Center

The Manaira Shopping Center by Roberto Santiago is a step forward for that region of Brazil, and it is a place where people can get jobs, live comfortably, and have all the retail options they need. The Manaira Shopping Center is something that he has invested in a lot over the years, and he wants to make it into the largest and most beautiful center of its type in Brazil.


  1. Why The Shopping Center?


The shopping center is a place where people can shop, live, and work comfortably. They can walk to anything they need, and there are residential units around the area that allow people to live close if they work there. This particular development is one that Roberto is proud of because he has built what amounts to a small city in this one place.


  1. Partners


Roberto has many partners who have brought their businesses to the area, and he has used these partners to help grow the area so that it has more than just the retail options. The retail options are places where people can go to shop, and they are also places where people can get jobs. They have the chance to work for a wide range of companies, and the area becomes more diverse because of these partnerships.


  1. All Sorts Property


Roberto has created property around the area that ranges from commercial to industrial and residential. He has built up a property that allows people to get a range of jobs, and the people who live there live in modern housing that was created in the same style of the shopping mall. This is the best place for someone to come to get a fresh start, and it looks beautiful.


  1. Conclusion


The shopping mall that Roberto Santiago has built at Manaira is something special for the region. This part of Brazil can grow around this amazing shopping mal, and it can become a landmark that people will fall in love with. It is a perfect place for people to go for a new job, to shop, or to live with many amenities.



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