The Man Behind the Salad Success

With the growing problem of obesity in America, it’s no wonder how the idea of eating salad has completely taken off at record pace. Obesity continues to drain the healthcare system and the economy with the host of health problems it causes such as heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, and arthritis all stemming from high cholesterol and extra weight. Salad is an easy way to remain full and lose weight. Packed with vitamins and minerals, salad can still be a large meal in size yet low in caloric content. This gives people that feeling of fullness without actually leading to substantial weight gain. Sweetgreen represents one of the major salad success stories that has capitalized on the national push towards a healthier diet.

At Sweetgreen, people can show up and select everything that goes into their salads. Furthermore, this isn’t the typical salad bar. Many of the items at Sweetgreen are actually packed with protein, leading to a balanced meal without necessarily including meat that is high in calories. Furthermore, people can even get these items cooked for a new and inventive twist on the typical salad.

Sweetgreen was founded by three Georgetown graduates back in 2007. At the time, this venture into the food industry was funded by only a few dozen friends and family members. Today, this little experiment is worth close to $100 million. One of the hottest companies on the market today, they have 31 restaurants spread across the nation and expect to have 40 by the end of the year.

One of these successful entrepreneurs is Nathaniel Ru. One of the three Georgetown graduates, Sweetgreen is actually one of 4 companies that Ru has backed. He got the idea for Sweetgreen while in school at Georgetown. He realized that there were plenty of ways to eat healthy, but these were relatively expensive and time consuming. He also saw that there were many fast places to eat, but weren’t at all healthy despite being cheap. That’s where he and his friends started Sweetgreen. This is a lightning fast restaurant that offers no shortage of new, healthy choices in time efficient manner. Ru immediately saw how the chain could take off. Ru had the idea that Sweetgreen shouldn’t just be a restaurant chain, but even a way of life. In essence, Ru saw this chain as the start of a lifestyle brand that would encourage people to lead healthier lives. Through this restaurant, Ru seeks to change the country.


Swiss Startup Factory Has The Best Leader In Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the leader of the Swiss Startup Factory, and he has created a business that funds businesses that are new. He wants to be sure that he can help people who are in need of help can get the guidance and advice they need, and he wants to show people how to manage their businesses. A new business is often not run by people who are business people, and they only have ideas that they have crafted. Mike Baur gives people to money they need to make their dreams come true, and he brings in reinforcements that help people with their business choices.


Michael Hartweg has been added to the team to help digital startups because these startups are very unique. They need to be given assistance to help their business grow. There are many of these businesses that fail because they are not managed the right way. They are going to help people to be sure that they can make better decisions, and the decisions that are made using the help from Mike Baur will work out well. It is very easy to create a better company using Mike Baur’s funding and consultancy.


The best part of this is that a company will be able to have the funding that is required to make their projects work. They also need to be sure that they have worked out a plan that they can follow with Mike Baur. Mike Baur follows the plan that he has created for his clients, and then he works with them until the an has been completed. That is the point at which the company can be released into the world.


The Swiss Startup Factory is the brainchild of Mike Baur that helps people create better businesses. These businesses will become much more prosperous because they now know how to help themselves. These companies have to be able to manage their own companies, and they must be in a place where they can move on after their startup funding has used. The correct use of funding with a startup is managed by Mike Baur and his partner Michael Hartweg.


InnovaCare Health And How They Work With Medicare Advantage Plans

When the time comes to be eligible for Medicare, beneficiaries can choose to receive Original Medicare on as defined by Part A and Part B, or they may choose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan. Sometimes MA Plan’s are referred to as Medicare Part C since you have to have both Medicare Part A and Part B in order to get an MA. Going with Original Medicare or choosing an MA each have their own advantages. Original Medicare allows patients to choose any doctor or healthcare provider they want that accepts Medicare, while MAs are usually restrict patients to which doctor or healthcare providers they choose like InnovaCare Health. But they do have some advantages such as not overcharging for dialysis or certain cancer treatments, and capping the total expenses you pay for your plan, depending on how certain things factor in.

InnovaCare Health is a health provider that works with Original Medicare and MA plans. The two MA plans that InnovaCare Health offers are MMM Health Inc, and PMC Medicare Choice. These two plans help patients gain access to over 7,000 providers in Puerto Rico and the US, and receive some of the most comprehensive treatments and benefits available. InnovaCare also controls MSO of Puerto Rico LLC, a company that helps facilitate patient and provider plan contracts, uses advanced quality assurance programs for overseeing health plan processes, helps patients receive claims payments, and has highly specialized case management experts. InnovaCare Health has received among some of the highest-ranked customer service reviews in its time operating, thanks to the strong leaders who have run it.

Dr. Rick Shinto is InnovaCare’s CEO and his expertise both as a physician and an expert in MA plans transcends many years in the field. He got his MD degree at Stony Brook University and started off in the field as a pulmonologist in Southern California, providing excellent patient care, and authoring several medical journal articles throughout his career. He served in executive positions at MedPartners, Cal Optimal Health Plan, NAMM California, and Aveta Inc. Along with Richard Shinto, CAO Penelope Kokkinides also has done extensive work in the Medicare field and helping transform health organizations to build models that deliver efficient patient care. Kokkinides also served at Aveta Inc. with Dr. Shinto, and prior to that served at Centerlight HealthCare and AmeriChoice.

Finally a Useful List of Life Hacks for us Ladies

Is it just me, or every time you log in to the computer and look at social media someone is posting “LifeHacks” that just don’t seem to really apply to me. I have recently come across the Youtube star Wengie who posts life hacks that really are meant and directed to the ladies. I was really happy to see one recently that she put up titled ’10 Period Hacks All Girls NEED to Know’
So instead of teaching me how to make some random piece of furniture from scratch, she is really giving me a useful list of how to survive my menstrual cycle without a steady supply of Chocolate Bars and romance movies. I am not going to lie, I may have been eating a chocolate bar while watching her Lifehack video.appreciate is the remedies to remove stains from articles of clothing.

She starts off with the basic that we all know, the abdominal heating pad. Then she immediately pops into lesser know remedies and things to assist such as diet! Of course I do believe the one that all of us that have viewed this video can truly to ensure that you’re not pulling out embarrassing female products publicly by prepping before you leave home for the day. What I really appreciate the most about this particular video is how she goes into the biology of it, and how to keep track of your period, and what to do when something is abnormal. She also delves into the even more less talked about things such as issues after showering and menstrual cups.
It is rare when you are able to find a video blogger who is capable of not only delivering something that will keep your attention as she demonstrates each individual thing, but also the dialogue that she uses while engaging the viewer really kept my attention.
Above all, this woman spoke to me about true life hacks that I truly can use, not just something tacky to make out of spare parts. If you’re a woman, take less than 10 minutes to view this simple video and enjoy some true life hacks you may have never realized were out there.

Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most influential people in medicine today. Over the past couple of years, she has done a great job of helping other people get to the next level in life. If you want to enhance your beauty, there are a lot of procedures that you can take on. For the long term, plastic surgery can be a great option for you. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the type of person who knows what it takes to succeed in the world today. She has worked hard to establish her career in a way that separates her from the competition. If you are someone who wants to learn how to affect others for the better, she is a great person to learn from. The field of beauty enhancement is growing rapidly, and it is important to look at the long term profile of the industry. Over the next few years, new technology is going to come in the field for new procedures.

Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden has a great education background. She has worked hard to get to where she is today with her life and her career. If you want to impact other people in a positive way, she is a great person to learn from. During the course of her career, she has always looked to better herself by helping other people. Over time, there are a lot of procedures that have been developed to help other people reach their goals. If you want to learn a couple of ways to enhance your looks, Walden has the way for you to accomplish that. Dr. Jennifer Walden knows what people want when the come in for plastic surgery, and she can help you meet those needs with her experience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a great example of what it takes to succeed in the world today. She has worked really hard to get to where she is. If you are someone who is interested in the field of beauty enhancement, just know that it requires a lot of hard work to get to where she is today. There is a lot of studying involved, but the impact that you make on other people is worth it. Dr. Jennifer Walden shows the impact that just one person can make in this area. If you want to change your life for the better, Dr. Jennifer Walden can help.

OrganoGold: Organic Growth At It’s Finest

Since 2008 when founder and CEO Bernardo Chua started Organo Gold the company has expanded and now operates in more than 44 countries all across the world. Built on the ingredient Ganoderma, found in the mushroom Ganoderma lucidum is a commonly used herb in Asia used in supplements and other products. The mushroom is not used for cooking, but contains substantial health benefits that make the herb valuable and now sought after all over the world.

This wasn’t Chua’s first trip into the launch of a successful business. He also played a significant role in the achievement of Gano Excel, also a direct sales company that started in 1995 and is one of the leading countries in the industry to date. Bernardo Chua has been outspoken on his Facebook in his belief of the direct sales model to achieve worldwide presence and expedient growth.

Organo Gold is committed to the integrity of their products and have partnered with certified organic Ganoderma plantations to maintain the quality and promise of their products, which is 100% certified organic. With a product line that ranges from coffee and tea beverages to beauty products and nutritional supplements, the company is fast becoming a major player in the organic lifestyles market.

Organo Gold has garnered so much success that the company has partnered with the OG Cares Foundation, which gives back to the community by providing resources to youth around the world in an effort to provide opportunity and shape, from a global level, the leaders of tomorrow.  Read more about Bernardo on ZoomInfo.

Ancient Wisdom of Kabbalah Taught in Kabbalah Centres Globally

There are thousands of different religions in the world. Kabbalah is an ancient religion that dates back over 4,000 years, and it is firmly rooted in the Jewish traditions. The way in which Kabbalah is taught today is different than that of ages past.

Kabbalah instructors offer sensible, practical tools to teach students how to search for and find lasting joy and fulfillment. Kabbalahists are convinced that you will completely change the way you look at yourself and the world around you when you are taught its principles.

Students of all faith and ages follow Kabbalah because it precedes religion and the Bible. The courses present ancient wisdom that is then used to help students to improve their lives and produce positive influences in their lives. In a Kabbalah Centre, students come together to study the principles and find the joy that exists in each one.

Kabbalah Centres

The Kabbalah Centre was first established in 1922 in Israel, and today there are 40 physical locations around the world that teach this wisdom. The teachers in the Kabbalah Centre provide students Kabbalistic principles that give them spiritual tools, which they can apply to their own lives. The wisdom assists them in making better decisions for themselves and those around them. The objective is to create a positive difference in the life journey of each student.

Every day classes are taught in the Kabbalah Centre, and if the student doesn’t live near a physical Kabbalah Centre, there are now classes taught over the Internet. The Centres offer weekly and monthly events and dinners, so the students can assemble together. The Centre also organizes spiritual retreats and visits to energy sites, which are locations that have been touched in some way by the Kabbalahists.

As one of the principles of Kabbalah, every year, students participate in organizing projects such as feeding the homeless, cleaning beaches and visiting hospital patients. Kabbalah has a generous heart, and the students are practicing the wisdom as they volunteer. One-on-one mentorship is encouraged as well as reading the recent books and CDs that have been produced. Visit their website for more information about the Kabbalah Centre.

EuGenia Shea’s Products Help Women Around the World

Shea butter has a number of uses when it comes to health and beauty. The all-natural moisturizer can be applied to the skin before going outside as a sunscreen, and can be used after spending a day in the sun as a soothing agent for sunburn. Shea butter is also a conditioner for the hair and scalp, and can be used to treat chronic dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. The antibacterial properties of shea butter also make it an effective facial cream, since the butter eliminates breakouts and helps to fade dark spots. These are just some of the reasons EuGenia Shea is increasing in popularity.

EuGenia Shea launched a few months ago, and Naa-Sakle Akuete, a former Wall Street analyst, is the company’s founder. She works with her mother, EuGenia to make the shea butter empire a business that will assist women all over the world. EuGenia runs the company that supplies the shea nuts for the products. EuGenia Shea has also partnered with several all-female co-ops in the northern region of Ghana, in order to provide high wages for female workers. Many of the women who work in these co-ops are mothers, and the above-average pay allows them to better care for their families.

EuGenia Shea offers moisturizers to treat a number of skin and beauty concerns. For instance, there’s a special blend for pregnant women to get rid of and prevent stretch marks, and a dermatological shea butter to shield the skin from dark marks and blemishes.

EuGenia Shea butters make a great gift, and the company also offers a subscription service for customers who want to receive the moisturizers on a regular basis.

Prevent Doxxing Attacks

Getting ‘doxxed’ is one of the biggest threats to internet users in today’s information age. The internet is one of the most important tools int he world due to how it lets us connect with people anywhere on the planet. The internet is also a tool that can be abused, allowing sinister folks to accumulate data on other people before abusing their privacy rights and stealing their identity. Darius Fisher, the CEO of Status Labs, is focused on making sure as few people as possible suffer from this form of ‘doxxing’ attack. The reputation management CEO brought up some wonderful tips for avoiding falling victim yourself.

The first tip that the Status Labs CEO advocated was simple in text but difficult in practice: remove as much information regarding yourself from the internet. Now if you grew up with the internet, like many people my age, you’ve spent a vast portion of your life online. This means that you need to dig deep to find all of your online information. Once you’ve done this try to get as much removed as possible: email web owners, take down what you can access, and get a lawyer involved if required.

Next up Fisher advocates the frequent changing of your passwords. Not only do you want to get into a habit of changing your passwords frequently, but you want to make sure that you don’t use the same password for multiple accounts. The reason for this is simple: if you end up losing one account’s security then the rest will likely fall. Make your passwords a combination of letters, symbols, numbers and more. Keep your passwords collected in an offline notebook if you are afraid of forgetting them. Don’t store your different passwords on your computer or anywhere on the internet as they can potentially get hacked.

Finally you need to get into the habit of being aware of your identity. Set up a Google Alert on your name and make sure to frequently search yourself. Staying proactive is the best way to get rid of any potentially damaging content before it gets posted.


Lime Crime Makeup Brand More Than Just A Pretty Palette Of Wild Colors

Most of us buy makeup without ever knowing much about the brand and how the company came about. With Lime Crime cosmetics, it’s different, because the brand’s global fan base admires the founder and CEO Doe Deere.

Doe Deere was born in Russia and later moved to the United States with her family, bringing with her a love of color, creativity, imagination and all things whimsical.

In an interview with, we learn how her rise to the top was a bit bumpy at the start, but through strong determination, intelligence and a savvy computer talent, Lime Crime makeup has arrived, everyone!

The brand is now all over the red carpet on sexy women like Nicki Minaj, Taryn Manning, Garcelle Beauvais and other stars. There’s something special about the crazy color palettes, beautifully pigmented makeup and even the philosophy behind the label.

Doe Deere loves playing around with bright colors on her hair, fashion and especially her pretty face. She created Lime Crime makeup in 2008, according to the official blog, because she desired modern makeup that went far beyond the typical, traditional beige palette.

Lime Crime features the gorgeous unusual, like metallic gold lipstick or a wet foil eye shadow duo in Lawn/Flamingo. It’s vivid, stunning and in your face cosmetics, and Doe Deere says it’s makeup that defines the color revolution, for young women and men who dare to “color outside the lines.”

Doe Deere’s constant interactive engagement with her online customers and Lime Crime community is paying off. The company is soaring higher with 2.2 million followers and recognition by her peers.

Doe Deere has recently been named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine since establishing her non-traditional makeup brand. Suddenly, the other cosmetics companies are scrambling to create wild palettes of blue lipsticks and red eye shadows and trying to dupe her unique makeup collections.

Doe Deere sells Lime Crime makeup online here and at popular retailers like Urban Outfitters, Naimie’s Beauty Center and others.

Doe Deere also believes in giving back to her community, helping various charities for children, women and animals.

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