Preparing for Your Brazilian Butt Lift in Dallas

Your decision to get a Brazilian butt lift is one that will change your life forever. If you’re sure that you’re ready for the procedure, you’ll need to start getting prepared. The first thing that you should always have is a support person who can go with you. It’s always good to have a caring person by your side even though this is an outpatient procedure. The person can provide you with some moral support and can drive you home if you don’t feel like driving home after the process.

The second thing that you’ll need to bring with you is a positive mindset. You’re about to make a transformation that may improve the quality of your life regarding making social friends and boosting your self-esteem. Therefore, you’ll want to go in there with an upbeat attitude because it will radiate and reach other people.

Thirdly, you’ll want to bring your trust and your confidence to your service provider. The procedure will go much more smoothly if you do. First, your specialist will remove some unnecessary fats from another part of your body, and then he will place those fats on your bottom to recreate the shape. You can go home the same day and start your recovery.

Where to Get Dallas Brazilian Butt Lift

A host of cosmetic surgeons is available to help you with your venture to obtain a new look. Dr. Farah Kahn can help you. The office is at 3811 Turtle Creek Blvd. in Dallas. The number is 469-4-DRKHAN. Another place you can go is to Dr. Meade at 9101 N. Central Expressway. The number is 214-823-1691. You’re in good hands if you go to either of these sites for assistance. Call and make sure that the one you choose is the right fit.

Life Line Screening Effective In Early Detection of Stroke, Cancer and Heart Disease

The top leading causes of death in the United States is cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory disease. Sadly, many of these deaths could be prevented with early detection. Now, an innovative early detection and screening medical company is offering its services across the United States.

The company, Life Line Screening, is the leader in early detection and medical screenings. So how does Life Line Screening work? The company offers its health screenings for early detection of diseases through ultrasound and EKG screenings. The screening services offered include Carotid Artery Disease Screening, High Cholesterol Screening/Lipid Panel Test, Thyroid Disease Screening, and Prostate Cancer Screening, among others. In all, Life Line Screening offers tests and screenings covering over a dozen conditions and diseases.

A typical screening is much like a visit to the doctor’s office. After check-in and payment, the client is lead to the screening area. At the screening area, the client receives a simple blood test, have their measurements taken and is then prepared for a battery of screenings. The screenings include a bone density screening, Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Screening, Atrial Fibrillation Screening, Carotid Artery Screening and finally, an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening. After the screenings, the session is over and the client receives their blood test results. About 15 days later, the full results from the screenings are delivered to the client.

Screening and early detection are shown to save lives in everything from heart disease to cancer. That is why Life Line Screening is working hard to reach as many clients as possible across the country. Early detection and treatment realize huge savings for both the patient as well as the health insurance provider.

Life Line Screening is headed by CEO Sean Schultz who brings over 20 years of experience in the public healthcare sector. The company’s National Medical Director is Dr. Andy Manganaro, MD, FACS, FACC. Dr. Manganaro has worked for Life Line for almost two decades, beginning as a physician examiner in 2000. Along with other experienced senior executives, the Life Line Screening team is dedicated to helping millions of people lead healthier lives through early detection.

Life Line Screening’s motto is “Go beyond your annual check-up.” And considering the prevalence of heart disease and cancer, it makes sense for people to seek additional check-ups on an annual basis. And Life Line Screening is ready to help people live a longer and healthier life.

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Jose Auriemo Neto: Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry in Brazil and Beyond

Jose Auriemo Neto continues to transform Brazil’s real estate industry into a global triumph. In 2003, At just 27 years old, Auriemo Neto became the CEO of JHSF. Prior to taking over, he worked for the company since 1993.

JHSF began in 1972 with brothers Fabio (Auriemo Neto’s father) and Jose Roberto Auriemo, and two other partners. The company’s primary focus was the development of construction and real estate properties. With Auriemo Neto as leader, JHSF has expanded its brand to include fashion, luxury, and shopping centers.

JHSF and Auriemo Neto helped bring a major mall boom to Brazil. This boom included the development of Metro Santa Cruz, the first mall with a built in subway system, which made it easier for consumers to travel to and from the shopping center. A few of the other shopping centers developed by JHSF are: Metro Tucuruvi in Salvador, Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo, and Ponta Negra Shopping Centre in Manaus.

In 2009, Auriemo Neto began JHSF’s first venture into the fashion world. He negotiated a deal to become exclusive partners with Hermes, Pucci, and Jimmy Choo. In 2012, he added another exclusive partnership–this time with Valentino. He launched the first Valentino and REDValentino stores in Brazil.

Eventually JHSF’s building developments grew to include luxury brands, like Fasano hotels, Catarina Fashion Outlet, and a luxury complex in Marginal Pinheiro. Under Auriemo Neto’s management, the company also developed an Iguatemi shopping complex, motor race tracks, and restaurants in Ponta Negra.

In 2012, Auriemo Neto beganone of JHSF’s biggest projects: building New York apartments. JHSF bought the property from investor Robert Haskell for 32 million dollars; his initial plan was to create a dozen apartments across 15 stories. However, in 2015, JHSF began creating a seven duplex apartment at 815 fifth Avenue. It’s 3,700 square feet with fourteen stories, and described as an art deco building.

As of 2017, JHSF is worth over 1.2 billion dollars and has property in Brazil, Uruguay, and the United States. Auriemo credits his success with “10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.”

Michael Lacey: The Mathematician

Michael Lacey is an American mathematician. His research interests are Harmonic Analysis and Probability and his field of expertise is pure mathematics. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

He received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 1987 where he solved a problem related to the iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions.

During those years, he worked mainly on harmonic analysis. Between the years of 1987 and 1996, Lacey started his career off as an assistant professor. His first postdoctoral positions were at Louisiana State University from 1987 to 1988 before moving to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Lacey worked at Indiana University from 1989 to 1996. In 1996, Lacey joined the Georgia Tech faculty and received a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship award.

During his fellowship, he began to study the bi-linear Hilbert Transformation and the development of a new method of phase space analysis. Lacy and Christoph Thiele solved the transformation of a conjecture by Alberto Calderon and were both awarded the Prix Salem Prize.

He then started as a Mathematics professor at Georgia Institute Of Technology and received awards such as the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004 for working with Xiaochun Li and joined the Simons Foundations. In 2012, he joined the American Mathematical Society.

Undergraduates and graduates were supported by his directing of training grants along with VIGRE and MCTP awards from NSF. He encouraged many undergraduates to lead graduate programs and the PhD students he has left a lasting impact on went on to academic and industry jobs.

The flexible operations of Freedom Life Insurance


Hundreds of insurance companies usually target a certain economic class to help with the insurance policies. The usual target is not the individuals but the growth and the success of the company. There are millions of people in the United States who cannot afford to get good insurance covers because of their incapability of reaching the high standards of insurance requirements. Because of the high living standards, citizens with low incomes tend to find it hard to invest properly in their life insurance policies. Because the citizens cannot afford the insurance policies, they have to take care of their personal medical covers.

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The considerations when taking an insurance policy

It is economical to take policies that would benefit an individual. There is a culture in the United States where people want to reach a certain age in order to take life insurance. The insurance policies tend to be more expensive as people become older. When young, the policies are cheaper and affordable, and this could be the right time to take some of the covers. When working as an employee, people lose jobs or responsibilities increase leading to lower incomes in the end. In taking the insurance policies, it is salient to consider these factors.

The perfect operations of Freedom Life Insurance

Freedom Life Insurance has been in operation for a long time. The company has aided the provision of different insurance policies that are flexible on the citizens. The group has created a flexible system where clients can get the best out of their incomes without having to worry about the sustenance of their policies.

Targeting all economic classes

One unique thing about the insurance company is that it has clients from all economic classes. The company gives insurance policies to the employed, people with businesses, company owners, and temporary workers. Freedom Life Insurance operates under the urge to help people reach their goals. In the process of reaching out to more people, the insurance company has provided quality services to the clients. Both the rich and the poor have been given a common ground where there is no segregation based on the economic and social classes.


The Frontera Fund: About Lacey and Larkin

The history of the Frontera Fund starts with two media executives named Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Lacey was one of the original members who co-wrote a paper about the ultra-conservative views of campus antiwar protests. When the paper gained some notoriety, he decided to create an entire newspaper company.

That’s when he teamed up with Jim Larkin. Together, they co-founded Phoenix New Times, which became one of the respected papers in Arizona. After putting some years under their belts, their company began expanding. They acquired 17 other like-minded papers, creating Village Voice Media, a multimillion-dollar media conglomerate.

It’s amazing to think how far Lacey and Larkin came since their college days. Their first newspaper was just a response to the ultra-conservative local media’s actions. It was never meant to become a symbol against hate and ignorance. Then again, maybe it was.

Who knows what was going through Michael Lacey’s head when he moved to Arizona to attend college? Maybe he wanted to do something big with his life the entire time. Maybe that’s why he teamed up with Jim Larkin. Who knows where those two would be if they hadn’t stood up to the ultra-conservative media.

Nearly one decade ago, Lacey and Larkin stood up to a local sheriff renowned for abusing his power. Most of the local media secretly agreed with Sheriff Arpaio’s behavior, so they didn’t report on him a lot. Phoenix New Times did not respect Arpaio enough to let his activities slide.

They reported on everything he did wrong. They pointed out his many financial irregularities. They had personally experienced his abuse of power when it came to destroying his critics. They revealed his patriarchal role in the anti-Mexican fear-mongering.

On countless occasions, Sheriff Arpaio systematically mistreated, profiled, and wrongfully detained Latinos.

Fighting against Arpaio earned Lacey and Larkin a night in jail, but not like people would hope.

They weren’t arrested for crossing any legal line. They pissed off a corrupt sheriff, and he went after them with everything he had. Their arrest didn’t even sound like an arrest.

On October 18, 2007, the “Selective Enforcement Unit” barged into Lacey and Larkin’s homes and dragged them outside. There were no official law enforcement vehicles, but there were SUVs with Mexican license plates and tinted windows.

USHEALTH Group family insurance alternatives

The USHEALTH Group through its affiliates and subsidiary companies sells and underwrites personal health insurance policies and supplementary products for small business owners and self-employed individuals in the United States. The organization products include dental insurance, individual health insurance, insurance covers for long periods of serious illness, fixed indemnity medical insurance, Income and accidents insurance solutions, convertible and renewable life policies, illness, diseases, and accidents. USHEALTH Group sells these products through an agent. The organization was formerly known as the Ascent Assurance until 2005 when it changed its name to USHEALTH Group. The company was officially incorporated in 1982, and it is currently located in Fort Worth, Texas.

USHEALTH Group affiliates and subsidiaries operate in line with the organization motto of recognizing every customer is special and unique. Secondly, they understand that “one size fits all” customer approach is not the solution especially in the insurance industry. Therefore, the company provides a wide choice of quality and affordable insurance solutions that satisfy each customer needs. Once a client chooses a health insurance plan with USHEALTH Group, the organization solidifies its decision with their award-winning customer care service that ensures a smooth and exceptional claim processing. In fact, USHEALTH Group customer call center was ranked among the top 50 customer care services in 2013 among the most prominent companies in the United States in terms of customer service. In addition, the company average claim payment and processing cycle which are the fundaments of the insurance industry, USHEALTH Group has built it a high reputation for customer care services ,earning the organization an A + rating according to Better Business Bureau.

One of the strongest foundations of USHEALTH Group is their Advisors who have continued to play their role in making their company successful. The advisors have demonstrated that the company committed to providing clients with affordable insurance plan is the organization mission. USHEALTH Group insurance plans are affordable compared with other health insurance providers in the market. In the insurance industry where customer turnover has become the order of the day, USHEALTH Group has worked to establish a long-lasting customer relationship. USHEALTH Group has health insurance plans covering an individual for over fifty years period.

USHEALTH Group has introduced several new products in the market for clients that include cover for small business owners, employers, and their employees. Therefore, the company provides a wide choice of quality and affordable insurance solutions that satisfy each customer needs. Once a client chooses a health insurance plan with USHEALTH Group, the organization solidifies its decision with their award-winning customer care service that ensures a smooth and exceptional claim processing. In fact, USHEALTH Group customer call center was ranked among the top 50 customer care services in 2013 among the most prominent companies in the United States in terms of customer service.

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How Samuel Strauch Found Success With Luxury Real Estate In Southern Florida

Samuel Strauch is the owner of a southern Florida real estate company, Metrik Real Estate. He has a degree in business that he earned by attending Hofstra University in New York City. He has also studied in Rotterman, earning a degree from Erasmus University. Finally, he earned an advanced degree at Harvard University.

The first industry Samuel Strauch became a part of was banking in New York. After a few years he moved to Florida so that he could join the real estate firm some members of his family owned. Seeing the possibilities to make money in real estate in Florida for himself, he decided to launch his own company in the industry. It was in 2002 that he established Metrik Real Estate which works with luxury properties.


Many people throughout the world want to own real estate in the United States, and South Florida is one of the hot spots for them to pick. Knowing this, Samuel Strauch provides his services to those people in Latin America who want to buy luxury properties in Miami, especially in the Miami Beach area. Over the years he has established many professional relationships with investors, brokers, partners, and others who help his company to succeed. He says that it is through these relationships that he find great new properties to sale and it enables him to expand the client base of his company.

Another practice that Samuel Strauch says helps in his career and life overall is meditation. He makes time every day for a period of letting his mind drift off while he thinks about his professional and personal life in a holistic manner. He says there are many benefits to meditating with no drawbacks so he recommends everyone engage in this practice.

The types of residences that Samuel Strauch works as a real estate agent for are high-end properties. He currently has a number of listings on his company’s website that are available for sale. Among these are beautiful properties located in Miami Beach. These are lofts and condos that range in value from $1.485 million up to 12.39 million. He also sells single family homes, such as a luxury home on Star Island with 10 bedrooms and 10 baths. This property, which is 20,000 sq ft, is listed for $65 million. Another property that is listed on the La Gorce Golf course is 15,000 sq ft and Samuel Strauch has a listing price of $26.95 million.

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Jeunesse Global Produces Popular Anti-Aging Products

Jeunesse is a global company with a growing audience involving youth enhancement products. Jeunesse was launched by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in September of 2009. The founders designed Jeunesse to help change people’s lives and build the company into a world-renowned operation. Randy and Wendy are driven to provide the best compensation plans available in direct sales. They work towards improving a positive impact by helping people all over the world feel and look younger. Helping people work towards their full potential is a passion they intentionally work to instill in each partner.

Jeunesse Global offers a large variety of products that are proven to provide youth enhancement essentials. The Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S) is a unique collaboration of carefully developed products that include impressive perks and professional products. Follow Jeunesse Global on

Instantly Ageless is a remarkable and proven anti-wrinkle cream that decreases fine lines, enlarged pores, bags under the eyes and many other issues. The cream is applied to the area affected and begins to work within 2 minutes. The product lasts from 6 to 9 hours to reveal skin that is toned, lifted and visibly younger looking.

The Luminesce collection was developed to help restore a youthful appearance and radiant skin. It’s proven to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The collection includes many essential products ranging from a youth-restoring cleanser to a cellular rejuvenation serum. You can purchase the items individually or you may purchase the entire collection. View the catalog on


Aside from the many anti-wrinkle products and serums, they also offer a dietary supplement called M1ND. M1ND includes CERA-Q which has been proven to help support memory. It also includes an important aminobutyric acid called L-Theanine GABA which helps to decrease mental interference that we experience every day with the many tasks we have to accomplish.

The team at Jeunesse also developed a product that helps with weight management. ZEN Project 8 is a three-phase program that involves detoxing to eliminate toxins and decrease bloat, ignite your metabolism and lose belly fat with a workout regimen and thrive your way to a successful life. They partnered with Mark Macdonald, a popular celebrity nutritionist who works with many people to help them manage their weight and increase their energy.


Speaking of Being Successful; Adam Milstein Opens Up About What Drives Him

Commercial real estate investor and philanthropist, Adam Milstein talks about the things he has learned along the way to being successful in giving back as well as in business. He is an native from Israel who spent time serving his country during the Yom Kippur War. In 1978, Adam Milstein graduated from Technion. He then moved to the United States in 1981 and spent time attending the University of Southern California. Once he graduated, Adam Milstein entered into the commercial real estate bracket by becoming one of the managing partners for Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein and his wife are active philanthropist who believe they have to give back to their community as much as they get from the community. For instance, the one thing that Adam and Gila have done is to become a co-founder of the Sifriyat Pijama B’America. This foundation will send out books monthly to over 15,000 families in America that are in Hebrew.

Adam Milstein always knew that he wanted to be successful. He always knew that he wanted to help others in the Jewish community to get familiar with their heritage and to have a better understanding of their roots. In order for Adam to do this, he had to first be successful in business. Once he started to see the success come in, Adam Milstein knew that it was time for him to give back. Once he began to give back as much as he was getting, Adam noticed that he had a new love for working.

Adam works hard to make sure that everything he wants becomes a reality. He wants to do something that someone else has not yet been able to do. He knows for this to happen, he has to put effort and time into his business endeavors. The one piece of advice that he wants others to know is; you must follow up on things daily if you expect anything to change or anything to prosper. There are a number of things that he does independently on a day to day basis but then there are other things that he has the business partner for. Either way, one of them is checking up on things every day.

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