About the Career of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin has accomplished a lot in the medical industry. He is one of the few individuals who has led a successful career in the healthcare sector. With more than three decades in experience, Brian Torchin is arguably one of the best medical professionals. He is renowned for founding Healthcare Recruiting Counsellors (HCRC), a staffing and recruitment agency aimed at providing services to the major players in the healthcare sector. Read more about Brian Torchin at glassdoor.com

As he worked as a medical practitioner, Brian Torchin was able to learn the significant ordeals that professionals undergo while hiring. Hiring and recruitment process is very critical but complex for many organizations. To begin with, you have to incur costs involved in hiring, recruitment, and training, and will also consume more time. Additionally, you might end up opting for the wrong candidate who might affect your service delivery. Employees are essential since they are the image of your operations. Thus, Brian Torchin decided to create a staffing agency that would be concerned with hiring and recruiting so that doctors can concentrate on service delivery to patients. There are many accrued benefits when you seek staffing services from HCRC. First, you get the most qualified and right candidate for the job position and an employee who is dedicated to delivering quality services including weekends and public holidays. Since Brian has vast experience in the medical field, he is well knowledgeable to fill in the right candidate for a particular position.

Brian has led a successful career in the founding and leading HCRC. When it started, it only began with subsidiaries in Philadelphia and Delaware. Today, the firm has grown and operated overseas with subsidiaries in Asia, Europe, and America. Under the leadership of Brian, HCRC has managed to attract more than 200 clients and companies. Additionally, Brian has played a role as a community leader since he has helped thousands of medics to acquire job opportunities and play a prominent role in the healthcare industry.

Mr. Torchin is an active user of social media. His Facebook and Twitter handle share posts regarding developments of HCRC and the available job positions. He regularly shares posts through his powerful social media platforms. Visit: https://plus.google.com/106112186041036712086