Affordable and stylish workout outfits offered by Fabletics

Everyone wants trendy, comfortable, and affordable clothing. In the workout apparel industry, before 2013, this was a segment of the industry that was lacking. There were plenty of expensive brands, but nothing affordable for everyone. However, Fabletics was launched to help fill the niche of trendy plus size stores and stylish workout clothing that can be affordable for every budget. In just a few years, Fabletics had turned itself into a multi-million dollar company taking on the big companies like Amazon, who controls twenty percent of the fashion industry, and has become an industry leader in workout apparel. Actress Kate Hudson is an active member of the Fablectics brand and helps cultivate and approve all clothing offered at the company.


Fabletics runs a majority of its business through an online subscription based membership model. They offer their VIP members their first outfit at a reduced price. To help tailor their clothing choices, their members take a lifestyle quiz to help determine their workout and style preferences. This helps narrow down the choices and outfits to pick from on the site, making it much easier to choose and browse through outfits that you will love. At the beginning of each month, their members receive hand picked outfit choices that are chosen based on their preferences. They can choose which outfit they want to be sent to them that month for their low monthly fee. Plus, they are shipped for free! If you decide that you would rather not have an outfit that month, simply choose the skip a month option in your account. You will not be charged for an outfit that month. Their clothing holds its shape and compression, doesn’t fade after many washes, and is most importantly, comfortable for your everyday life.


Fabletics has also started to open traditional brick and mortar stores. These stores are another level of customer service for their members. When their members shop in store, the items show up in their online shopping cart. For Fabletics, it doesn’t matter if their members purchase in store or online. When many traditional brick and mortar retailers are struggling when customers come in their stores to see items in person, but then find them online cheaper and purchase them there, Fabletics is using their stores simply as a way to get to know their customers better and provide more customer service. Plus thirty to fifty percent of those that enter the store are already members, but another twenty-five percent join while in store, creating an even larger customer base.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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