Ancient Wisdom of Kabbalah Taught in Kabbalah Centres Globally

There are thousands of different religions in the world. Kabbalah is an ancient religion that dates back over 4,000 years, and it is firmly rooted in the Jewish traditions. The way in which Kabbalah is taught today is different than that of ages past.

Kabbalah instructors offer sensible, practical tools to teach students how to search for and find lasting joy and fulfillment. Kabbalahists are convinced that you will completely change the way you look at yourself and the world around you when you are taught its principles.

The courses present ancient wisdom that is then used to help students to improve their lives and produce positive influences in their lives. In a Kabbalah Centre, students come together to study the principles and find the joy that exists in each one.

Kabbalah Centres

The Kabbalah Centre was first established in 1922 in Israel, and today there are 40 physical locations around the world that teach this wisdom. The teachers in the Kabbalah Centre provide students Kabbalistic principles that give them spiritual tools, which they can apply to their own lives. The wisdom assists them in making better decisions for themselves and those around them. The objective is to create a positive difference in the life journey of each student.

Every day classes are taught in the Kabbalah Centre, and if the student doesn’t live near a physical Kabbalah Centre, there are now classes taught over the Internet. The Centres offer weekly and monthly events and dinners, so the students can assemble together. The Centre also organizes spiritual retreats and visits to energy sites, which are locations that have been touched in some way by the Kabbalahists.

As one of the principles of Kabbalah, every year, students participate in organizing projects such as feeding the homeless, cleaning beaches and visiting hospital patients. One-on-one mentorship is encouraged as well as reading the recent books and CDs that have been produced. Visit their website for more information about the Kabbalah Centre.


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