Anthony Petrello Employs Nabors to Treat Children

Entrepreneurship and business come with enormous challenges. That is why Nabors Industries chose Petrello for the challenging task of controlling the day to day operations of the company.Mr.Petrello has been the head cheerleader and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries from his appointment in October 28th, 2011. Petrello also served as the president of the company since 1992, where he oversaw major decision-making processes and implements necessary strategies to promote business success. With his diversified experience in marketing, Anthony Petrello is also the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors, and he has served since 1991.

Education and Impact on Nabors Industries

Between 1979 and 1991, Tony Petrello was Managing Partner at Baker & McKenzie. In 2012 June, he chaired the board of Nabors Industries, and before that, he was the Deputy Chairman of the same company as from 2003. As you can see, Petrello has garnered sufficient experience to warrant him the right to oversee most of Nabors’s activities. Serving as one of the directors for Stewart & Stevenson LLC from 2011, February 28th, Petrello contributed to the growth of many companies including the Hospital of Texas Children and Media on Demand in the past. Tony went to the Harvard School of Law where he graduated with a degree in J.D. He also attended the University of Yale for a degree in Mathematics.


If you want to know the qualities of a leader, look at his ability in giving back to the society. Anthony Petrello fits the bill of a leader in Texas. As the chair of Nabors Industries, the leading contractor for oil and gas industries, Petrello established the kindred spirits at a Children’s Hospital in Texas. He thought of an institution committed to finding out the root of neurological afflictions in children. In 2006, Petrello donated $7million to the cause of bettering the lives of children. He hosted lunches with friends and associates to raise capital and funds for the real purpose of healing suffering children. Most of the friends hailed from the oil and energy industry. They joined the project by contributing funds. In the process of inviting friends, he rubbed shoulders with extraordinary men like Dan Duncan, who served as chair as well as director of a top North American energy service company.

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