Brian Torchin: Best Solutions for a Better Workforce

Brian Torchin is the president of HCRC Staffing. His hard work and dedication to ensure his clients are treated with the best results is just one of the reasons why he continues to do so well. Brian provides career consultations and search services for anyone that is looking to work with specific skills and traits in regards to healthcare. Not only is he the president of HCRC Staffing, but he continues to pursue practicing medicine also.

HCRC Staffing is known as one of the nation’s largest staffing agencies in the health field. Unfortunate, salary expectations continue to fall for many health workers, but HCRC maintains their commitment to connect quality workers with quality healthcare companies.

One of the positive feedback that continues to come up about Brian is that he is always providing the best solutions. He is consistent in putting together a group of qualified candidates to ensure the best people get employed with organizations that need help.

Brian remains a hard working, respected team player who continues to apply his knowledge and expertise in order to provide efficient solutions to not only his clients, but the companies that are looking for the additional help. Even though the company keeps Brian incredibly busy, he still publishes articles consistently on the company’s blog. His passion for helping clients is well noticed all around.


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  1. Brian always has a positive outlook on things even when the economy was going down. Brian’s motto has been to build and discover long-term relationships with his clients. It is very easy to assume that reviews did not recognize their full powers.

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