Brian Torchin The Medical Staffing Man

In a time when good doctors and health practitioners are needed everywhere, companies like HCRC Staffing have emerged to fulfill the needs of the health, legal fields and other fields. Brian Torchin created HCRC Staffing after graduating from college, and the company provides advantages to any clients using his company’s services.

Before starting HCRC Staffing, Brian Torchin attended the University of Delware and then New York Chiropractic College just after that. He had initially focused on the pre-med track while attending the University of Delware. This knowledge – in addition to his experience in chiropractic college- would later aid him in understanding the needs of the medical industry when starting his staffing firm.

HCRC Staffing formed in 2007 in order to help various hospitals and doctor’s offices fill positions that met specific criteria within a small window of time. His knowledge in the industry benefits doctors seeking individuals with particular skill sets and personality traits. His staffing firm initially supplied professionals in a number of positions including urgent care providers, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants. And eventually, Brian Torchin also provided professionals for roles within the legal industry including paralegals and attorneys. Read more about Brian Torchin on

HCRC Staffing also provides more general positions for both the legal and medical industries as well including billing clerks, assistants, office management staff and secretaries. With HCRC Staffing offering staffing mainly to two large industries, it has placed itself in a position to aid both of its major group of clients. Because in the medical industry, there can be lawsuits against doctors for potential malpractice. Any doctor with knowledge of HCRC Staffing would simply reach out to the firm in that case and HCRC Staffing would then contact its most relevant attorney.

Brian Torchin has utilized his prior experience in the medical industry to create a staffing firm which connects two major industries. The firm is uniquely positioned to solve the problems of both medical and legal professionals and can be seen as a template for any future staffing company looking to succeed in this craft. View: