Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs with Krishen Iyer

As founder and CEO of Managed Benefit Services operating out of Carlsbad , CA. Krishen Iyer knows his stuff when it comes to getting started as a successful entrepreneur. In a recent interview, he sat down and revealed some of his most important strategies, and philosophies for entrepreneurs who want to be successful in the digital space.

Solutions and Trends

One of the key points that Mr. Iyer touched on was the fact that his business took off because he was able to recognize and follow popular trends, and offering specialized marketing solutions. Along with his ability to bring ideas to life for his clients, this propelled him forward.

Productivity and Learning From Mistakes

Another factor that played a big role in the success of Krishen Iyer was his ability to recognize and fix his mistakes. This is due to his mindset that a bad experience, or a mistake, is just another learning opportunity. Acting on these principals, Mr. Iyer was able to work more efficiently, and substantially increase his productivity.

Communication and Data Collection

One thing Mr. Iyer wanted to make clear in his interview was the fact that he strongly valued communication. He said that this skill was vital to the success of any business, and that it is a skill that is developed over time. He also mentioned that data collection was also important, and necessary to develop strategies for growth in the modern world.


Krishen Iyer is an entrepreneur, and founder/CEO of Managed Benefit Services which operates out of Carlsbad, CA. His he also has experience in real estate investment, as well as insurance, rounding out his skills as an entrepreneur. His other companies are Iyer Real Estate, and Iyer Health Shield.