Careers with USHEALTH Group

Pursuing your dreams takes determination and hard work, and no one knows this more than Randy Hildebrandt. His life’s dream was to make it big in baseball like his idol Nolan Ryan. Randy received the chance to play the sport for some time before a shoulder injury forced him to step away from his team. It was through this loss that Randy eventually gained so much more with USHEALTH Group.

Earning a degree in business and economics from A&M University was a way for him to start a professional career in society. Although he had chosen a great degree, he soon found that it wasn’t exactly what he was looking for in regards to a career and he soon began to apply for other jobs. This pursuit lead him to take a job selling insurance and attending work meetings about 200 miles away from his home. Learn more about  USHealth Group at Crunchbase

The insurance profession can be challenging and Randy soon realized that he would have to take on a mentor in order to excel the way he wanted to. He studied this savvy mentor for months, gaining the ropes and learning how to navigate conversations with other people. These skills would soon prove invaluable as he later joined USHEALTH Advisors as a Satellite Division Leader. This is the place where he met Troy McQuagge, CEO and President AT USHEALTH Advisors.

USHEALTH Group provides substantial assistance to those who typically don’t have anywhere else to go for help. This assistance includes donations, passing out food and water, as well as partnering with other organizations to provide support for families. HOPE, Helping Other People Everyday, also volunteers their services to make a difference in the world.

Randy Hildebrandt truly made the wise decision to stay determined and open for growth even when the path looked uncertain. A career with USHEALTH Advisors has truly changed his life for the better and his amazing partnership with HOPEKids has been a truly fulfilling career for him and his family. For more information on a career with USHEALTH Group, be sure to take a look at their informative website.

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