CEO Steve Ritchie Pleads With Customers An Apology Letter

Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s. If you love pizzas, then you are familiar with their services and products. They are ranked among the top suppliers of this product in the world. It enjoys massive support in different locations around the world. Just like in any other business, there are challenges that some time affects operations of a business. Papa John’s had a task of cleansing its name in the public forum following some utterances by a former executive. To deal with the negative publicity that followed the utterances, there was a need to take an immediate step and deal with the mess.

New CEO Steve Ritchie Papa Johns was tasked with the responsibility of cleansing the name of the company. One of the steps he took is to write an apology message to the customers reassuring them of the commitment the company has made to serve them without discrimination. The letter was sent out to customers informing them of the steps the company will take to deal with the issues the image of the company. The apology letter also served as an avenue for the new CEO to convince customers to stand by the company. He stated that the company was bigger than any one individual and the mistake of one person should not be misconstrued to be the opinion of everyone in the company.

Papa John’s has a network of over 200,000 employees and merchants all over the world. The new CEO is pleading with the customers to know that there is even a higher benefit in supporting this company you will not only be benefiting the company but the community.

Steve Ritchie also outlined the measures that he will take to stop such a mistake from ever happening again. Steve Ritchie said that there would be an external audit team that would look into the history and culture of the company and recommends measures needed to improve on the weaknesses. The company has now gone global, and it, therefore, addresses the needs of different people. He will lead the mission intended to bring back the lost glory.

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