Chris Villanueva Reveals How He Comes Up With Great Ideas

Chris Steven Villanueva is the owner and founder of a medical center called MB2 Dental. He is a dental surgeon by profession. With over two decades in the healthcare sector, he has gained a lot of knowledge and experience that enables him to offer great solutions to his patients. Other dentistry practitioners consult him about issues regarding dental treatment and research. His company has over 400 employees working from 60 different locations in the United States.

Villanueva specializes in staffing. He looks for qualified dentists and links them to reputable dental clinics. Clients who use MB2’s services get the chance to focus on other essential operations. This enables them to improve their productivity and customer service. Chris always strives to make his clients happy. Additionally, he works hard to ensure that he provides the best services.

Villanueva had an interview with Ideamensch, where he talked about what inspired him to start MB2 Dental Solutions. He said that he had two options when after completing his studies: To go into group practice or begin a private practice. These choices were great, but Chris felt he’d do something to experience both worlds. He merged the two options to create a unique business model. Villanueva also discussed his typical day.

He stated that he loved working in the day. However, night hours favor his creativity. Dr. Chris Villanueva revealed that he gets brilliant ideas at night when everyone is asleep. To succeed in his career, he has surrounded himself with some of the best minds in the industry. His team helps him develop innovative solutions. Villanueva believes you need work with the right people to get better results in your business.

On a separate interview with Epodcast Network, the dentist explained his role at MB2 Dental. He said that he had found success with the progressive business model. Also, he mentioned that his job is to ensure that the company produces unique dental solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of each client. Chris Villanueva told Epodcast that he started MB2 with the aim of encouraging doctors to work as a team. He has built his firm based on this principle.

Villanueva believes that his company has set a good example to other medical practitioners and organization. The MB2 staff works as a team and ensures that it changes the lives of patients as well as dentists. Some of the services they offer include dealing with compliance cases, human resources, and marketing.