Custom Companies, Logistics and Shipping Organization

The United States is one place in the world where somebody can start from nowhere with nothing, but through determination and hard work, including effort create something amazing. This has been the example of the Custom Companies. The Customs companies is an organization that deals with logistics and shipping. The company was established over 30 years ago and has developed from a two-truck business to a large firm with operations traversing the whole world. All this success can be attributed to the vision that its founder Perry Mandela had. Perry Mandela is the CEO of the company and continues to direct its organization to new levels of success.

Custom Companies was established in 1986 by Perry Mandela. During this time, Perry could never imagine that his organization will one day become so successful. Back then, the firm was initially located in Illinois’ Elk Grove Village and with two trucks. Over the years, the company added more and more services to its repertoire. The organization’s lineup of services kept expanding as additional acquisitions were included in the company. Maybe without intentions, Perry Mandela had come up with an organization that would become a leader in the full-service transportation world.

Tracing back to 1986 when Custom Companies was a small two-truck business, it is remarkable to reflect on how much the organization’s reach has enlarged over the years. Currently, the full-service transportation firm is proud of an inventory of 2,000 and above pieces of equipment in the United States. The company has its main offices in Northlake, Illinois. Presently, the company clears over $200 million per year in sales, and it is widely considered one of the leading full-service transportation companies in the country.

The roster of service of Custom Companies has expanded steadily over its 30 years and above of operation. Presently, the organization has over 2,000 pieces of equipment and machinery within the United States. Some of the services that the company currently offers include:

  • Truckload services both partial and full
  • Hot shot services
  • Devoted contract cartage,
  • International and domestic air freight
  • Direct mail delivery services
  • Logistics management
  • Expedited ground services

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