Daniel Taub’s Long Career In Service To Israel

During the period when Daniel Taub was the Israeli Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s in the United Kingdom, trade between the two nations doubled.

Taub held the post for four years, beginning in 2011. Besides bi-lateral trade, the two nations saw increased cultural and academic ties. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.hampsteadshul.org.uk/event/isaiah-berlin-lecture-2017-daniel-taub/ and http://frenchtribune.com/avis/25611-ambassador-daniel-taub-unravels-balfour-declaration

The Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce says that 300 Israeli businesses have established a U.K. presence. His work earned Taub a nomination for the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award, which recognizes individuals who develop trade.

Taub said that he enjoyed his time the Court of St. James’s, but he knew going in that ambassadors only serve a four-year term.

While he served as an ambassador, Taub was always willing to brief and to speak to the press in the U.K., which he called fair and influential throughout the world. He said that people in Britain were open minded and willing to listen to opposing viewpoints.

A U.K. native, Daniel Taub attended the University College, Oxford and University College, London before studying at Harvard University. Taub has a BA in Literature, a Masters in Law and a Masters in Public Policy.

Now an Oxford-educated lawyer, Taub decided to move to Israel in 1989, where he became a combat medic in Israel Defense Forces. A specialist in international law, Taub joined the Foreign Ministry in 1991.

Besides serving as Israel’s ambassador to the U.K., Taub has represented Israel at international conferences and in peace negotiations. He has also spoken at United Nation’s debates. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

A prolific and varied writer, Taub has worked as a speechwriter for Israeli President Chaim Herzog and he is the chief scriptwriter for HeChatzer, an Israeli drama series. Taub also wrote a book, Parasha Diplomatit, which analyzes Torah sections.

He wrote an opinion piece for the Guardian in 2015, after returning from his assignment in the U.K. The Daily Telegraph and the Huffington Post have published Taub’s articles as well. CNN, Sky News, BBC Radio and other media outlets have interviewed Daniel Taub.

In 2013, Taub was chosen as Israel’s first Ambassador to the International Maritime Organization where he will serve as an advocate for maritime space for Israel. Daniel Taub and his wife Zahava, who have six children, live in Jerusalem.