Deirdre Baggot, The Bundles Payment Guru

When you hear about Bundles Payment, Episode based payments or Package pricing, Deirdre Baggot should definitely cross your mind. She is one of the greatest all time pioneers of the Bundles Payment practice. Besides, due to her expertise, she is a renowned health care strategist and payment innovation expert.

She is a Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. holder from the University of Colorado Denver, an MBA from Quinlan School of Business, A Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Edwardsville in addition to a certificate in Healthcare executive leadership from the Wharton School.

Her interest in health care transformation did not start yesterday. Over the years she has served in indispensable roles as far as healthcare reforms and payment transformation is concerned. Having been in the academic healthcare sector for ten years and being the Senior Vice President and practice lead for GE healthcare for not less than six years, a partner at ECG management consultants for two years, she now runs her consulting firm. Follow Deidre Baggot on Twitter for more updates.

Having authored dozens of publications on this subject, Deirdre Baggot has continued to enrich the world with information regarding bundle payments. She is neither new to social media platforms all in her name where she shares this Intel. She is a trusted advisor hence she has featured on talk shows and informative programs in regard to bundle payment engagements. Also, She is an active participant in the reviewer’s web for Care Improvement Initiative having served in New York Bundled Payment Committee as well as the former lead for Acute Care Episodes.

She has left a mark on every organization she has dedicated her career to. She has built and launched a consulting practice achieving tremendous revenue turnover. As if that wasn’t enough, at GE healthcare, she recruited, trained and nurtured a team of experts in this health care reform field.

She is also involved in payer contracting, affiliations and acquisitions. Knowing she is the best, it gives your business a competitive edge when it comes to bundle payments. She is currently involved in consultancy practices that focus on innovation, facilitation, and implementation of bundled payments.

She has dedicated her life to the satisfaction of patient experience through the care model transformation. Learn more: