Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva Brings Dental Care Into The Future With MB2 Dental

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva was operating his own practice at the time he founded MB2 Dental. He was looking at his industry from the viewpoint of the practitioners and the corporate side of dentistry. He wanted to provide necessary support to the industry without risking any compromise regarding integrity. This though process led him to found MB2 Dental. The company gives dentists the ability to improve their practices and focus on their patients. Once Dr. Villanueva had graduated from dental school he did not like the fact only two options were available. He could begin his own practice or join a group practice. He wanted to create a model where dentists could enjoy the benefits of both worlds. The result was the highly successful MB2 Dental.

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Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva finds his greatest inspirations at night and strives to remain productive. He tries not to get distracted by the small tasks that must be performed every day. He believes the key is employing the right people and then letting them perform their jobs. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has learned he needs to be surrounded by intelligent individuals in both his professional and personal life. He feels collaboration leads to success and that technology will have a major role in his industry as time passes. He refuses to take himself too seriously and feels trust can be more easily gained with the use of humor. Values and integrity are incredibly important to Dr. Villanueva and this is what he uses for the foundation of his business.

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Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva believes that when doctors work together their individual accomplishments will soar. His perspective regarding MB2 Dental is youthful, fresh, and effective. He is responsible for the positive changes experienced by both patients and dentists. He wants the old standard of uninspired and drab dental offices to be left in the past and to see a field that focuses on so much more than profit margins. MB2 Dental offers innovations that help dentists grow their practice, improve their standards of operation, and give even better service to their patients. The company stays current with the standards and trends so crucial to a successful practice and is backed with a culture inundated with experience and success. Dentists are provided with an environment created to promote growth and knowledge. They do not have to give up any control regarding their practice but are backed by a team providing crucial help with any challenges.

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