Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Patients Like To Enthusiastically Show Their Appreciation For Her On Instagram

Based in Austin, Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden is widely recognized as one of America’s leading cosmetic plastic surgeons. Upon viewing this noted physician’s Instagram account, one can easily read multiple thank-you notes and testimonials to the doctor from patients on whom she performed various procedures.

Whether it be for an overall makeover, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, Botox treatments or eyelid surgery, Dr. Walden’s patients enthusiastically praise her work.

In one Instagram post, the writer states that she is very pleased with the results of rhinoplasty that was performed by Dr. Jennifer Walden. The writer also mentions how the doctor’s friendly staff members help to make patients feel comfortable.

A woman who received breast augmentation surgery from Dr. Jennifer Walden says in an Instagram post that it was difficult for her to decide to have someone sculpt her body. After meeting Dr. Walden and choosing to have her perform the surgery, the woman was certain that she made the right choice. Additionally, this woman says that she breastfed her baby for more than two years, and the results of the surgery allow her to feel like a woman again.

Another complimentary post on Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Instagram account comes from a patient who underwent eyelid surgery by the doctor. This patient says that she was very comfortable with the doctor, and that the doctor explained how her desired results could be obtained.

Besides featuring positive reviews of her services from her patients, Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Instagram account includes photos of the doctor and her staff at work, as well as promotional reminders of other services that are provided.