EOS Review – The Evolution of Smooth is here!

EOS is currently a very popular lip balm. So I was interested to see how it would work for me. To begin with, I absolutely love the EOS packaging. It’s so little, yet it’s so fun! It fits great in any purse. The colors are unique and the outside is simply soft and satisfying to the touch! I have sensitive skin around my lips so I was very happy with the results. I am extremely pleased because my lips did not get irritated, as they have with other lip products. The EOS that I chose for this review, is 100% natural and 95% organic. The primary ingredients for this one in particular is olive oil. I believe this is the reason why my lips looked and felt so smooth. Its natural ingredients come together to form great results! If you’re like me, and have tried other lip balms or other lip products, please give EOS a try! This lip balm really does protects lips against cold weather, and always glides on smooth but light. There are many scents and are all very unique. I’m sure you’ll find exactly the right scent you’re looking for! Be sure to pick up EOS the next time you shop, because truly – the evolution of smooth is here!