Eric achievements during his career

Eric Pulier a business man, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist and a technologist too. He has played a significant role in the formation of more than 15 companies currently doing well in different economic segments. Some of the firms include Digital Evolution, US interactive, and ServiceMesh.

In his philanthropic activities, he has contributed a lot to many companies that need financial support. A number of nonprofit organizations have been able to get funding from Eric Pulier. Apart from that, he has also been helping people who are less fortunate in the society by providing food shelter and other needs through his companies. By so doing he has helped a lot in reducing the poverty level in different parts of the country.

Besides from being a successful entrepreneur, he is also a father of four children. Because of his love to children he formed a social site for children with chronic illness. Many children have been using the site to connect with each other share ideas and also encourage each other.

Mr. Pulier resides in Los Angeles with his family. Like any other teenager, Pulier went to Teaneck High school and after joined Harvard where he studied English and American literature. While in his tertiary level, he became the author of Harvard Crimson weekly.

He was later chosen by the government to chair the “Bridge to the 21st century”. The event was held in Washington DC. It was attended by many people from different parts of the globe. It gave Pulier an opportunity to showcase what he was capable of thus making him be well recognized by individuals all over the country.

Pulier has also contributed a lot in healthcare technology which has been of great help to people in the health sector. He has been a board member in some of the organizations that have helped a lot in improving the living standards of the human race.


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