Fantasy Football Rankings

One of the players that an individual can draft when playing fantasy football is Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Matavis Bryant. As of right now he is a wider receiver that is most ideal as a backup. However, with some improvements, he can become a WR1 in the fantasy football rankings. Bryant has the potential to be a quality receiver in the fantasy league and will therefore be a good option to choose when looking to get one in the mid rounds of the fantasy draft. One of the things that has hurt his stock is his one year suspension for a failed drug test. Before last season, he put up average stats.

Matavis Bryant is currently in the mid level of the fantasy football rankings. This means that he is rated as an average receiver. In the fantasy football rankings, players are rated by their statistical performance. For example if a player leads the league in receptions, touchdowns and yards, he will be rates as a WR1. Receivers who put up average stats are rated between a WR21 and WR40. In order to maximize your success in fantasy football, it will be in your best interest to evaluate the fantasy football rankings before drafting a particular player.