Finally a Useful List of Life Hacks for us Ladies

Is it just me, or every time you log in to the computer and look at social media someone is posting “LifeHacks” that just don’t seem to really apply to me. I have recently come across the Youtube star Wengie who posts life hacks that really are meant and directed to the ladies. I was really happy to see one recently that she put up titled ’10 Period Hacks All Girls NEED to Know’
So instead of teaching me how to make some random piece of furniture from scratch, she is really giving me a useful list of how to survive my menstrual cycle without a steady supply of Chocolate Bars and romance movies. I am not going to lie, I may have been eating a chocolate bar while watching her Lifehack video.appreciate is the remedies to remove stains from articles of clothing.

Of course I do believe the one that all of us that have viewed this video can truly to ensure that you’re not pulling out embarrassing female products publicly by prepping before you leave home for the day. What I really appreciate the most about this particular video is how she goes into the biology of it, and how to keep track of your period, and what to do when something is abnormal. She also delves into the even more less talked about things such as issues after showering and menstrual cups.
It is rare when you are able to find a video blogger who is capable of not only delivering something that will keep your attention as she demonstrates each individual thing, but also the dialogue that she uses while engaging the viewer really kept my attention.
Above all, this woman spoke to me about true life hacks that I truly can use, not just something tacky to make out of spare parts. If you’re a woman, take less than 10 minutes to view this simple video and enjoy some true life hacks you may have never realized were out there.


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