Gareth Henry Supports LGBTQ Youth Around The World

While members of the LGBTQ community in countries like the United States may still be facing their fair share of challenges when it comes to achieving complete equality, many cannot fathom the struggle that those in their communities in countries like Jamaica go through every single day. These are struggles at badminton player Gareth Henry knows all too well. His life has been put on the line more than once because of who he is as a person.

After being brutally assaulted by the police in front of a pharmacy merely for his sexuality, Gareth Henry knew that he could no longer stay in his home country. In order to stay alive, he knew that he must find somewhere to go where his lifestyle would be more accepted so he could live out his life in peace without having to hide who he was. Eventually, he was given the opportunity to relocate to Canada where he was granted asylum.

Gareth Henry is one of the lucky ones. While he may have had options, this is a luxury that many others in the LGBTQ community in Jamaica don’t have. They must risk their lives trying to survive on the streets in a world that is hostile to their very existence. Many LGBTQ youths keep their true selves hidden out of fear of being assaulted, rejected by their families, or even murdered.

While in Jamaica, Gareth Henry was active in his attempt to fight for the rights of people in his community to be able to live their lives safely without fear. While he may no longer be living in this country, he is still doing what he can to keep people like him safe from harm. He currently offers support for those trying to escape these countries in order to relocate to an area that is more welcoming. Many times, these relocations are the only thing that will keep these oppressed people alive.

Too many of the friends of Gareth Henry have passed because of their LGBTQ status. It’s time for this brutality to stop. While he may be safe himself, he knows that the world has a long way to go.

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