George Soros, The Man Who Broke The British Bank

According to Forbes, George Soros’ net worth is $25.2billion. The billionaire has amassed his wealth through financial savviness and lots of guts. In 1947, George Soros, a native of Hungary fled to London after the war. He worked odd jobs as a railway attendant and night-club waiter so that he could attend the London School of Economics. He eventually relocated to the United States in 1956 where he made his fortune as a shrewd investor. In 1970, he started his own fund, Soros Fund Management, through which he became one of the most successful business person in the history of the United States.George Soros came to lime light when he wagered $10 billion against the British pound in 1992. This bet netted for him, in just a day, about $1billion in profits, and $2 billion over time. It was this incident that gave him the name: the man who broke the British bank.

Soros became a philanthropist, having made investments that set him among the richest people in the world. He delegated authority to competent people to handle his investments while he focused on his Open Society Foundation. Apart from his philanthropic deeds, Soros has actively involved himself in politics. He’s a radical supporter of Democratic campaigns. He has spoken and written extensively on human rights, world affairs, education, and political freedom.As a dedicated philanthropist, he has given away over $12 billion. He has supported lots of people who are marginalized. People all over the world who are fighting for an accountable government, justice and equality, freedom of expression, and transparency have benefited from his deeds.Soros has supported lawyers and paralegals who are actively representing thousands of individuals, who have been held unlawfully. He carried out the largest movement in history to integrate Europe’s Roma. He’s provided school fees for thousands of students who have been marginalized.

In 1976, Soros started his philanthropic work by giving scholarships to black South Africans under apartheid. He built the Central European University to encourage critical thinking in Berlin and was instrumental in bringing the Soviet Society out to the world.Later on, he expanded his philanthropic movement to the United States, Africa, and Asia. He is one of the most prominent voices against the war on drugs which he believes is more harmful than the drug use itself. He helped kick-start the medical use of Marijuana in America. He is also a strong supporter of same sex marriage and believes that the world should be an open society where people are free to be who they want to be.Apart from being a shrewd investor and a great philanthropist, George Soros is the father of five successful Children. He is currently married to Tamiko Bolton, who runs an online dietary supplement and vitamin sales company.George Soros has won several awards for his philanthropic and financial activities. In 2014 he was ranked number 1 in the top 20 list of managers in LCH investments. Since the launch of his quantum endowment fund, he has accrued over $42 billion in profits.