“Graeme Holm’s Idea for Australia’s Debt Wins Award “

Every year for the past seven years, the Australian Financial Review publishes a list of the most pioneering companies. The AFR is highly desirable since it is the only financial publication that represents companies from Australia and New Zealand. Only 100 companies make the list every year and thousands of companies apply for a spot on the recognizable list. Infinity Group, which is Graeme Holm’s mortgage company, Infinity Group was able to earn the 58th spot.

Graeme Holm created Infinity Group with one specific mission to achieve. The purpose is to help instruct Australians on how to manage their finances with the end goal to have financial freedom that most people want.

His group gives loans for homes to their clients and partners them with a financial coach. These coaches look over the finances of the clients and find a plan that is right for them so they can pay back the loan in the shortest amount of time possible. The coaches also try to limit and reduce debt by saving them money in other areas. Infinity Group has been recognized as a leader and been useful for their clients.

Customer-oriented service and commitment are their top policies. They not only want to train and prepare their clients, but they want the clients to succeed and see their goals attained. Infinity Group holds a surprising 100% customer approval rate. Many of the clients have stated that Infinity Group has gone far and beyond their anticipations. This equates that Infinity Group has assisted every one of their clients meet at least one of their goals.

Graeme Holm’s original idea to aid his clients for taking care of their finances was found by lengthy research. He looked into Australia’s debt problem and found quite a few similarities across the board. One of the key reasons that Australians have a hard time with conquering their financial issues is that there is not a lot of support from the banks.

The banks hold to the idea that even if they give out a loan to a person who needs help with learning about finances and the person still pays the minimum of the credit, the bank wins. That person truly never sees monetary freedom. However, Infinity Group sees it a different way, have the client able to pay back all of their debts. Infinity Group gets paid by the client, and the client pays all of their debt off. These benefits can only be good for both parties involved. Learn more: https://angel.co/graeme-holm