Heal N Soothe Promotes Natural Relief

One of the most common medical conditions people suffer from as they grow older is joint pain. This is unfortunate in many ways, although it is not a directly life threatening medical condition. It does restrict seniors from enjoying their leisure time by making physical activity painful. This lowers their levels of it, and the lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle increases their risk of suffering more serious conditions. One favorite activity is many seniors is gardening, but that is difficult when they have pain in their finger and wrist joints. Many have trouble walking, which restricts their ability to get around, and especially to travel to enjoy their freedom from job and family responsibilities. Some even resort to drastic hip and knee replacement operations. These are painful and traumatic. And they discourage travel because having metal inside their bodies means they will always set off metal detectors at airport security points. See Related Links for more information.

Fortunately, help is available. One natural supplement that helps relieve the underlying condition that results in joint pain is Heal N Soothe. One of the conditions that often results in joint pain and other body discomfort is inflammation. That’s your body’s natural defense against infections. Your immune system goes into overdrive and attacks invaders vigorously. Also, your body generates a sticky protein that helps heal injuries, called fibrin. In the short term, when you’re faced with a real infection, inflammation is good. It’s life-saving. The problem comes from modern lifestyles that often encourage your body to remain in continuous inflammation. It’s not quite as obvious as a fever and red, swollen flesh. It’s not painful or obvious, so it’s called silent inflammation. And your body continues to make that sticky protein called fibrin. But as you age, you lose the ability to make lots of the proteolytic enzymes that clear up the fibrin. Therefore, it accumulates, and blocks the transportation of oxygen and other nutrients to parts of your body, especially your joints and lower back. This lack of oxygen makes them painful.

Heal N Soothe contains proteolytic enzymes to supplement your body’s falling production. The enzymes help clear away the excess fibrin and lower inflammation. Oxygen and nutrition reaches your cells, so they stop hurting. Heal N Soothe contains the enzymes Protease AM, Bromelain, Protease 6.0, Alkaline Protease and Papain. You can buy it on the Heal N Soothe website for just $59 for a single bottle.

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