HGGC funds FPX to expand its Investment

FPX is a company that is leading globally in Configure Price Quote. HGGC financed the company, and the investment amount remains undisclosed. HGGC acquired FPX, and it has been delivering capital funding to help the company in building a global expansion. They want to ensure enhancement of development of product, strategic partnership and enhancement of its channels.

HGGC has been known for achieving great success by investing in companies and being highly competitive in the e-commerce platform. The private investment firm has managed to fund various notable investments like Selligent, MyWebGrocer, and Hybris. According to Rich Lawson who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company, FPX discovered that it has an opportunity to be the leader in the CPQ market. He said they are committed to ensuring they help them to be in the top position. The CEO says they first examined various vendor spaces and they concluded that FPX is an organization with vision, talent, expertise, product capability and vision to be a leader in the market.

It is the best opportunity for FPX because the funding comes at a time when the company has been experiencing intense growth. The growth has enabled the organizations to open offices in other parts of the world like London in England. The headquarters of the organization are located in Munich Germany, but it has established other offices.

About FPX

FPX is a SaaS vendor company that operates independently. The company makes the experience of buying and selling simple, and it enables modern organizations to align with the expectation of modern customers. It is a powerful organization that can deal with any level of complexity of any organization, and it can work with your organization to advance commerce strategies. The era of advanced technology means high competition from organizations and that is why organizations like FPX can enable your organization to achieve success through digital transformation.

About HGGC

HGGC is a leader when it comes to private equity. The company has over $4.3 cumulative capital. The headquarters are in Palo Alto, Calif. The organization has stood out to be one of the best organizations in offering “Advantaged Investing.”