Holm Guides Families to Financial Freedom

The average Australian family lives from paycheck to paycheck. That was the conclusion to which Graeme Holm came after observing and researching Australian families and their financial problems in the mortgage market. Holm also concluded that families lack guidance and support which often resulted in getting bad deals with financial agencies. With that in mind, Graeme and his partner, Rebecca Walked decided to change things. Change things they started Infinity Group Australia in 2013. The goal behind the company is to help families pay off mortgages quickly and secure a stable financial future.


After spending over 17 years in the financial industry with the majority working in the Big Four, Holm put his knowledge and expertise to work by establishing and growing Infinity Group Australia. Its success is obvious with the number of families who have benefited. With proper guidance, clients can pay 30-year loans in 7-10 years, thereby saving thousands of dollars.


“We haven’t yet met a client that we couldn’t help,” Holm says. One typical client is Lyn Anderson. “They have helped me to get to a long-term goal of having an investment property and managing to save money so that I can hopefully retire early and have a better life,” Anderson commented.


Infinity Group Australia guides each client in achieving his or her financial goals and ultimately financial freedom. Whether it is paying off the house, investing for retirement, or retiring early, Holm and his staff educate their clients and guide them toward their goal.


Holm says that their clients can pay more on their home in three months than they could during the previous 12 months. They do it with Infinity Group Australia’s guidance in minimizing expenses yet remaining financially comfortable lifestyle. Families can more quickly reach their financial goals by reducing debt and generating wealth which leads to a more financially secure future.


Not only are client support, education, and guidance important to the Infinity Group Australia staff, but providing excellent customer service is vital in serving each customer. The company won Australia’s 2018 Customer Experience Management Award’s “Overall Best Organization CX.” For Holm and his staff, the client comes first by providing a friendly, family-like atmosphere.


Since it’s opening in 2013, Infinity Group Australia has grown to include five locations. Holm’ revolutionary ideas have helped families to go from an endless financial struggle to hope and plans for a secure financial future. Learn more : https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/testimonials/