How Andrew Rolfe has Impacted Lives through the Ubuntu Education Fund

The recent Ubuntu Education Fund Gala dinner hoped to raise a total of $972,000 but surpassed that figure by raising £603,000, which in South African Rand translates to R10 million. The money has been budgeted for disadvantaged children and the expansion of the capacity at the Ubuntu’s Port Elizabeth campus. The pediatric clinic of the institution will also get a small contribution from the amount raised.

The beneficiaries of the Ubuntu Education Fund

The little pool of resources and the scattered workforce that runs Ubuntu have been able to support 400,000 young people across Africa alone. The funds go into education, childhood training, health, and career development of young South Africans. In recent times, nutrition, HIV infections, water, and homes have been given a prominence in the Ubuntu programs.

Stories of impacted lives

Sinesipho Rabidyani captured the hearts and the attention of the audience when she narrated how she benefited from the life-changing efforts of the Ubuntu Education Fund. The gala had more than 300 well known and philanthropists and socialites from across London city. They graced the occasion and made great personal contributions. Sinesipho had an abusive childhood, by being raised by an alcoholic father, a situation, which almost denied her the chance to pursue her education.

She went ahead to be one of the greatest beneficiaries of the program when she received mentoring and counseling support. The motivation took her to study passionately and subsequently qualify for a scholarship to study law. She also went ahead to assist her mother walk away from the abusive marriage and patriarchal society.

Andrew Rolfe and his commitments

Andrew Rolfe closed the gala with his speech, in the capacity of the chairman and also as the founder of the Fund. He reported that the Ubuntu Education Fund had been able to expand and is now supporting more than 2,000 young school-going children in Port Elizabeth. He also highlighted the plight of food and nutrition, which his organization is adequately catering for through the funds.

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman and the founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund as well as the Managing Director of the Tower Book Capital Partners. Rolfe studied Business Economics at the University, at Harvard, where he similarly graduated with a Master’s degree in Business. He also has a Master’s degree from the St. Edmund Hall in Oxford and an Undergraduate degree from the University of Oxford, which he graduated in 1988.