How Betsy Devos Is Restoring Faith In America

Her Duty To Her Country


Betsy Devos has dedicated her life to making sure America is in a much better place than it was before she was born. To do this she has focused on trying to find ways to restore the faith that made America what it was. Thanks to Donald Trump she now serves America as the secretary of education. Under her watch, the education system of America is now returning to its former glory. The results are already visible to the naked eye.



Her Work For Faith


Her faith is arguably the most important aspect of the work of Betsy Devos. She understands better than anybody else the need to protect the values that created America. Unfortunately, those values are now under attack from revisionists. Fortunately, she is doing everything in her power to make sure that the country is headed back in the right direction by restoring faith in our schools. This is where children first learn the importance of faith and it’s where she believes the greatest efforts must be paid.



Fixing The School System


The education system of America simply isn’t producing the best out comes for American students. This is why there is a need more than ever to make sure that children are able to find a way to receive the education they need. Her experience with the Michigan education has played a major role in giving her the understanding she needed to improve America as a whole. So far, her work has given incredible improvements to America overall and made it more than possible for parents to pick the right school for their kids. That’s something everyone can celebrate at the end of the day.



Working With Trump


Trump has a vision to make America great again and he wants to use Devos to make this happen. He understood long before he even decided to pick her that she was the perfect candidate and knew what she was going to do better than anybody else. Now, he’s placed her under the perfect position for responsibility and for our children. They both agree that faith is important in America and they both agree that people must be allowed to exercise their right to an education. The results of this can already be seen by anybody who wants to look for it.



The Changes Are Already Here


The results of her work are something everybody can already see. Nobody has to look too far to find news stories about her changing up the way things are done in DC. She’s made it clear she wants to bring about change she’s willing to do it.


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