How does Avaaz get its members to be so proactive?

Avaaz, the world’s largest activist network, is known for having members that are incredibly proactive. All Avaaz has to do is list an action they think is important and ask members to act on it, and there are soon millions of members all over the world contacting their elected officials and organizing demonstrations.

So how does Avaaz get its members to be so proactive? What does it do that other activist networks maybe do not?

Avaaz has small teams on every continent — Many other activist networks have just one team that works from an office in a capital city somewhere in a western country.

Avaaz, on the other hand, has small teams all over the world that target the members in their area. That means members get individual attention, and local and national actions are targeted to them in their language and in a way that would work better in their culture.

Avaaz targets members in many languages — The Avaaz website is available in 17 languages including French, German, Arabic, Chinese and Portuguese.

That means, no matter where a person lives in the world, they can usually read Avaaz in either their own language or a second language they understand.

That also holds true for actions that are targeted to them, as they are targeted to them in a language they are familiar with. This makes it easier for them to be proactive about causes they care about.

Many options for action — While some activist networks only offer signing petitions as a course of action on a specific issue, Avaaz offers many ways.

It allows its members to sign petitions, participate in or organize demonstrations, call their elected officials, and even to donate to help fund media campaigns if they feel that is important.

With so many options, there is always a way an Avaaz member can become involved.