How Dr. Dov Rand’s Youthful Interests Led To His Professional Development

Dr. Dov Rand is a medical doctor who practices as a bioidentical hormone specialist. He opened his own practice a number of years ago called Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He uses an evidence-based approach to medicine which is used to help people achieve optimal health as they age.

He was born in Washington D.C. and says that he loved sports as a child. Dr. Dov Rand says he learned from sports how to work hard and be determined to give things his best effort. His favorite sport was tennis and he played this throughout his teenage years. He was also interested in medicine and decided to pursue becoming a doctor after graduating from high school.

He earned his bachelor’s degree at Rutgers University. Dr. Dov Rand attended the Howard University College of Medicine for his medical degree. It was at Saint Barnabas Medical Center that he finished his internship. His residency was completed in New York City at the Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Dr. Dov Rand has been highly interested in health and nutrition ever since he started playing sports. He started to learn more about these subjects once he was practicing medicine. He read a number of studies which showed that what people eat and how they treat their bodies overall can dramatically affect health. He decided to start Health Aging Medical Centers as an extension of this research.

He says that each day he starts out with a workout in the morning before he eats breakfast and heads to his clinic. Most of Dr. Dov Rand’s day is taken up consulting with patients and doing follow-up work. He says that he is always on call so he usually answers at least a few patients questions once he is home later in the day.

One of the most exciting things in the healthcare industry Dr. Dov Rand says is the use of genetic markers. As people in the industry get more skilled at testing and recognizing these he says that people will be increasingly receiving a more personalized approach to their care by doctors such as himself.