How Isabel Dos Santos is Influencing Women Around the World

Most of the wealthy business people we have come across came from a humble background and started their success from scratch. However, we cannot say the same for Africa’s richest woman by the name of Isabel dos Santos who was scheduled to give a speech to the students of Yale University.

If you are looking for a role model, then you might want to think pf someone else and not Isabel, and this is because her enormous wealth is as a result of political connections that he had from his father Jose Eduardo dos Santos, former president of Angola. Her journey as a wealthy African woman wasn’t that smooth ad she has been unlike to face some corruption cases that threaten her wealthy status.


Peace and development

Being a wealthy African woman with many businesses made her be amongst one of the most influential speakers in Africa and her visit to Yale University was like a dream come true for most people that attended the event. The event aimed to promote African peace and development, and Isabel was invited as the main speaker. Isabel together with a panellist of 13 speakers was to focus on democracy, technology, sustainability, business, and themes of identity, as the main subjects on the topic.

Political Ties

The Yale University event or in other words YAAPD takes places annually and during this period influential people and leader are invited to talk to the students. The speakers are mostly people who are seen as role models and considering the means Isabel used to acquire her wealth; she should be one of the least expected people to be invited as a speaker.

As stated by Justin Pearce, a lecturer in Yale University, in Dos Santos motivational speech, she went ahead and mentioned how her journey as a businesswoman started when she sold eggs at the street when she was younger. However, having a look at her personal life, you quickly say that this sounds like a made up story.

Accusations of graft

Even though Isabel acquired her wealth through political connections to reach the far she is now it’s through her hard work and determination to succeed.

In an interview held in the year 2017 by Reuters News Agency, Isabel went ahead and admitted that her current success came to life not from the help of her parents but through the risks she took and the will to push on. Thanks to the hard work and urge to succeed, Isabel is currently one of the most powerful women Africa can offer.