How Mikhail Blagosklonny Is Rejuvenating Immunity Using the Rapamycin Drug

In the past, most physicians said that aging was just a functional decline that was mainly caused by the accumulation of some random molecular damage in the body organisms. The scientists also claimed that aging was a natural activity that could not be prevented no matter what. However, after many years, a hyper function theory that was developed by a prominent scientist shows that sudden death that is caused by age can be brought to an end. According to the popular theory, aging is mostly a continuation of growth. With this new realization, a drug has been introduced to slow the aging process, meaning that individuals will not have to die because they have grown old. The scientists are now using signalling pathways to slow the process. This pathway is known as Target Rapamycin, and it is already proven to be useful to the few people who have been using it. Scientists are sure that rapamycin can be used together with other products to prevent aging and several other diseases. When an individual is using the right dosage of rapamycin, they can prolong their lifespan.

At the moment, several other theories of rapamycin have been making headlines in the scientist’s world. One study shows that Everolimus is a drug that can be used to bring out sensational captions. People are now saying that the drug is the fountain of youth everyone should acquire. Experts responsible for the drug say that it is the best formula for delaying the effects of age. The drug will mostly improve the health of the older adults.Rapamycin is not a popular term in medical industry. The drug has several versions. The most popular and first are Sirolimus and Rapamune, and they have been on the market since the year 2006. The drugs are believed to treat some of the most dangerous diseases too such as autoimmunity, cancer, metabolic disorders and several cardiovascular conditions. Experts have said that the drugs have a positive impact on the people who suffer from old age conditions such as the popular Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis.

When the two popular drugs were released into the market in the year 2006, the medical world declared that they were very safe and could be used by the patients who had transplants for many years. Because the drug is safe scientists have been studying its pharmacokinetics on healthy individuals. After several surveys, experts say that the drugs have the ability to transform the immune of an aged person and give them infant type immunity. With a rejuvenated immunity, people can live a very long life.Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the most authoritative oncologists in the world, and he is responsible for the rapamycin drug. Mikhail has been a scientist for a long time, and he understands the aging and cancer concept very well. At the moment, he is a professor in one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, known as Rosewell Park Cancer Institute. Mikhail has done so much to ensure that people with cancer can get the medication needed to live a normal healthy life over the years.