How Samuel Strauch Found Success With Luxury Real Estate In Southern Florida

Samuel Strauch is the owner of a southern Florida real estate company, Metrik Real Estate. He has a degree in business that he earned by attending Hofstra University in New York City. He has also studied in Rotterman, earning a degree from Erasmus University. Finally, he earned an advanced degree at Harvard University.

The first industry Samuel Strauch became a part of was banking in New York. After a few years he moved to Florida so that he could join the real estate firm some members of his family owned. Seeing the possibilities to make money in real estate in Florida for himself, he decided to launch his own company in the industry. It was in 2002 that he established Metrik Real Estate which works with luxury properties.


Many people throughout the world want to own real estate in the United States, and South Florida is one of the hot spots for them to pick. Knowing this, Samuel Strauch provides his services to those people in Latin America who want to buy luxury properties in Miami, especially in the Miami Beach area. Over the years he has established many professional relationships with investors, brokers, partners, and others who help his company to succeed. He says that it is through these relationships that he find great new properties to sale and it enables him to expand the client base of his company.

Another practice that Samuel Strauch says helps in his career and life overall is meditation. He makes time every day for a period of letting his mind drift off while he thinks about his professional and personal life in a holistic manner. He says there are many benefits to meditating with no drawbacks so he recommends everyone engage in this practice.

The types of residences that Samuel Strauch works as a real estate agent for are high-end properties. He currently has a number of listings on his company’s website that are available for sale. Among these are beautiful properties located in Miami Beach. These are lofts and condos that range in value from $1.485 million up to 12.39 million. He also sells single family homes, such as a luxury home on Star Island with 10 bedrooms and 10 baths. This property, which is 20,000 sq ft, is listed for $65 million. Another property that is listed on the La Gorce Golf course is 15,000 sq ft and Samuel Strauch has a listing price of $26.95 million.

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