“How the Principal Is Outstanding At the James River Capital “

Paul Saunders is a bsinessman who is the founder of James River Capital. While also being a Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the corporation beginning in 1995, he is also one of James River Capital’s portfolio managers. At his company, Saunders and his team handle investments and provide their clients a broad selection of options that will diversify their assets. James River Capital prides itself on being able to offer more than traditional asset managers and the company has proven itself by generating returns for its clients much higher than the average market returns. 

With a passion for philanthropy and finance, Paul Saunders has climbed the corporate ladder and has had his fair share of stressful days. However, a professional environment cannot run smoothly if workers are suffering from burnout, or too much stress. In an article posted on Patch.com, Saunders talks about how he handles stress. Having been in similar positions in the past, he has come up with a list of things to look out for and some advice for those who think they are suffering from burnout. 

The first thing that people, both employees and managers, should look out for is a feeling that they are losing control. When someone becomes stressed they start to have trouble with time management and scheduling. This inevitably makes them feel trapped and that even simple tasks are hopeless. Saunders suggests having about 15 minutes at the beginning of the day to set daily and weekly goals so that a sense of control can be achieved again. 

The second thing that affects those suffering from burnout is the lack of transparency. If an employee has been working hard but has not been noticed by their boss, whether it is a simple compliment on their work or a promotion, they may start to feel as if they are not able to communicate with management. This will cause them to feel negatively about their job and in turn, fail to communicate properly. In his experience, Saunders has found that being open and honest about decisions greatly reduces this form of burnout. 

The third factor Saunders warns of is a shift in attitude. Stressed individuals have less control over their emotions and are more likely to lash out even if they don’t mean to. There can also be a lack of motivation, which can be extremely detrimental in the workplace. He suggests that offering a support system, whether it be a on-site therapist or just a few minutes to disconnecting from work before going home, anything is better than letting that stress build up. 

Lastly, people suffering from burnout have a loss in confidence. They begin to second-guess themselves and can no longer do their job confidently. This can lead to several problems, but can easy be negated by setting small, reasonable goals. This will build up their performance and increase their overall mood. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/james-river-capital-corp