Jason Hope: Using His Skills to Make the World a Better Place

Many times people feel as if they are ill equipped to help solve the world’s problems. The problems seem too big and complicated for people to know where to start. However, for a technology enthusiast like Jason Hope there was never any question that he could use his passion for technology to help the world in which he lives.

Jason Hope (@jasonhope) has his hands in all kinds of different industries. While he is known primarily as a technology guru, his influence does not stop in the world of business building technologies. He is also heavily involved in medical research. Hope believes that medical research for cures to common diseases is only one step in the world of creating healthier people. He also believes that we must use preventative measures to help people become healthier from the start. If people wait until they are sick to get help, it may be too late.

Jason Hope knows that donating money only goes so far in any area of life. He believes that it is of the utmost importance to get involved with a cause that you are passionate about. Hope currently desires to see the local communities in Arizona, where he lives, thrive. Because of this he supports and is involved in many different organizations. His biggest passion to be involved with organization that help people live longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives. However he knows that the future health of mankind as a whole is also important. Because of this he works with several world wide organizations that focus on helping people receive medical care and live fulfilling lives.

His philanthropy does not stop there however. Hope offers a variety of grants to people who are interested in working in the field of technology. From high school seniors, to those who are interested in starting a small business, Jason Hope has a grant program that will fit their needs. Hope understands that many young entrepreneurs have amazing ideas, but lack the finances to get their ideas off the ground.

One of Hope’s titles is “futurist”. This may sound a little weird to some readers, however one of the things that Hope does is study trends in technology. These trends allow him to help businesses predict where the future of their business will be in the coming years. These business use this information as they work to create cutting edge technology in their chosen fields.