Jeanmarie Guenot Has Accomplished Much Through Amphivena Therapeutics


JeanMarie Guenot holds a Ph.D. degree and over two decades of extensive experience in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sectors. Guenot’s work has led her to serve in various positions in several firms, including her own with Guenot LLC, both in the private and public sector. This includes venture capital, corporate and commercial development, business development, alliance, project management as well as pharmaceutical research and development. Guenot has an extensive history in building and rebuilding firms. Currently, Jeanmarie Guenot serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Amphivena Therapeutics. The firm is currently pursuing the development of bifunctional antibodies, which will be utilized for therapies in treating hematologic malignancies.


Before moving to her recent company, Dr. JeanMarie Guenot previously worked with Hoffman-La Roche as an advisor in both Basel and Shanghai. Jeanmarie has additionally served at PDL BioPharma as the Vice President of the Business and Corporate Development section. In this position, Guenot was responsible for acquisitions, licensing as well as leading mergers. She additionally handled the firm’s commercial product portfolios. On the co-development and co-commercialization fronts, Guenot served as a negotiator and leader. This position entailed drug candidates for treating phase two cancer and autoimmune illnesses. The venture was worth $800 million including an investment in PDL worth $100 million. Guenot also facilitated the licensing of Ophthotech, an oncology drug.


JeanMarie Guenot’s immense experience includes alliance and project management assignments, which she executed professionally with success. Her experience also covers oncology, neurology, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases as well as ophthalmic illnesses. Guenot’s debut in business career was at Atlas Venture where she was managing the investments for the venture capital firm. Her training in physical and medicinal chemistry had a touch on quantum mechanical methods for drug design and molecular dynamics. Dr. Guenot earned her Ph.D. from the renowned University of California. She received her MBA from the Pennsylvania-based Wharton School. Guenot features a deeply profound character, which she is able to easily and quickly blend into the various positions she had held and continued to hold for optimum results.