Jeremy Goldstein Wants People to Rethink Stock Options

People may be wondering who Jeremy Goldstein is. Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most reputable business lawyers in the country. With over 15 years of experience, he’s New York corporations’ number one advisors on matters of employee benefits, which is very important these days.

More to his credit, he’s worked on every major case his law firm’s handled. Over the years, he played major roles in transactions involving Verizon, Chevron, Bank One, and many big-name corporations. Before establishing his own firm, he worked at another like-minded firm where he learned to perfect his craft.

Since becoming New York’s go-to advisor, he’s mostly advised on employee benefits. According to Jeremy Goldstein, the latest corporate trend of ditching stock options is wrong. Corporations should take another look at stock options before moving on to something else. There are plenty of advantages people forgot.

Over the years, corporations stopped offering stock options because they’re too complicated and no one wants them anymore. That’s really something most corporations can’t overcome. Employees don’t want to risk future benefits on the shaky stock market. If the value drops, the stocks become worthless.

For that reason, corporations don’t want to offer stock options anymore either. There are more negatives to stock options than people realize. Most of that negativity comes from people’s fears. Jeremy Goldstein recognizes stock options can become worthless in the blink of an eye. He wants people to understand there’s more than one type of stock option.

The kind of stock option he recommends allows people the benefits of conventional stock options without any of the risks. The biggest advantage of providing stock options is that they can boost personal investment in the company’s success. When the stock rises, staff members may be more inspired to work harder.

Taking that boost away means that people will just show up to get paid. If corporations want to encourage a more productive atmosphere, they need to pick the right kind of stock. Jeremy Goldstein recommends a “knockout” option. With this type of option, employees don’t have to worry about overhang.

He doesn’t recommend that everyone switch to a knockout option. There are still a lot of things corporations need to take into consideration. This isn’t a matter corporations should take lightly. Learn more: