Jeunesse Global Produces Popular Anti-Aging Products

Jeunesse is a global company with a growing audience involving youth enhancement products. Jeunesse was launched by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in September of 2009. The founders designed Jeunesse to help change people’s lives and build the company into a world-renowned operation. Randy and Wendy are driven to provide the best compensation plans available in direct sales. They work towards improving a positive impact by helping people all over the world feel and look younger. Helping people work towards their full potential is a passion they intentionally work to instill in each partner.

Jeunesse Global offers a large variety of products that are proven to provide youth enhancement essentials. The Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S) is a unique collaboration of carefully developed products that include impressive perks and professional products. Follow Jeunesse Global on

Instantly Ageless is a remarkable and proven anti-wrinkle cream that decreases fine lines, enlarged pores, bags under the eyes and many other issues. The cream is applied to the area affected and begins to work within 2 minutes. The product lasts from 6 to 9 hours to reveal skin that is toned, lifted and visibly younger looking.

The Luminesce collection was developed to help restore a youthful appearance and radiant skin. It’s proven to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The collection includes many essential products ranging from a youth-restoring cleanser to a cellular rejuvenation serum. You can purchase the items individually or you may purchase the entire collection. View the catalog on


Aside from the many anti-wrinkle products and serums, they also offer a dietary supplement called M1ND. M1ND includes CERA-Q which has been proven to help support memory. It also includes an important aminobutyric acid called L-Theanine GABA which helps to decrease mental interference that we experience every day with the many tasks we have to accomplish.

The team at Jeunesse also developed a product that helps with weight management. ZEN Project 8 is a three-phase program that involves detoxing to eliminate toxins and decrease bloat, ignite your metabolism and lose belly fat with a workout regimen and thrive your way to a successful life. They partnered with Mark Macdonald, a popular celebrity nutritionist who works with many people to help them manage their weight and increase their energy.