Karl Heideck’s Review On Philadelphia’s New Salary Law

Karl Heideck’s Review On Philadelphia’s New Salary Law
Karl Heideck’s Review On Philadelphia’s New Salary Law

At the beginning of 2007, Mayor Jim Kenney added his signature to the newly introduced bill which would prevent employers working in the private sector from inquiring about their employee’s salary history. His signature made Philly become the first city in the United States to implement this law.

Like many things, the implementation never went on smoothly. There were numerous challenges they faced. A few weeks before the law could take effect, legal challenges were brought by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia. They argued it’s unconstitutional. Outlined below are details of how the events went and the reason behind them.

Understanding the law

Lawmakers structured ordinances to help which significantly assisted in closing the wage gap which existed between the male and the female all over Pennsylvania. The employers were permanently not allowed to independently getting the job applicant’s data without their knowledge, asking job applicants to share their salary history and punishing their employees for not revealing details about their previous wages.

The people who were affected

Besides the new law directly affecting employers and staff living in Philly, research shows other businesses outside Philly will as well be affected. Companies which strive to violate this law will be fined as much as $2000.

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The challenges faced along the way

Before new rules are implemented, it is natural to face resistance. Legal actions were threatened against t6he city by numerous companies such as Costcam Communications. They felt their First Amendments rights were assaulted.

Why the ruling is sensible and how it ended

The city never gave the identity of the enterprises which made it very impossible for the government to take legal actions. Presently, it is unclear whether the law will face future obstacles. The chamber has to name specific companies which still question their employees about their salary history.

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