Kate Hudson Uses Genuine Approach to Selling Clothes with Fabletics

Fabletics has become a company that is able to compete with much bigger companies like Amazon. Many people may wonder how this is possible when Jeff Bezos of Amazon sells a plethora of items and Fabletics only sells clothing and accessories. People that are taking a look at these two retailers must simply look at the way that Kate Hudson is promoting Fabletics. This is an entirely different process than what Jeff Bezos is using to promoting the Fabletics brand.


What Kate Hudson has managed to do is create a brand that is associated with what she is actually doing. She is on the front line promoting this clothing with much more than a couple of models that are found on the website in these clothes. Hudson has a much more in-depth connection with Fabletics, and this essentially gives her more credibility with her consumer base.


For Jeff Bezos and Amazon there is not the same passion for selling athletic clothing. Amazon is a company that has a lot of resellers and typical consumers that are selling used products that they are tired of. For people that are looking for clothing it is just another product in the wide assortment of products that they can shop for through Amazon.


Some people may find this convenient while others may believe that this is not the same as getting clothing from Fabletics. The entire experience of connecting with other people that wear stylish trends and athletic clothing is taking a backseat to Amazon. These are the type of things that Kate Hudson pushes forward. She wants people to be stylish, and she has even been able to bring more celebrities like Demi Lovato for a limited time edition of a unique brand of athletic clothing.


Kate Hudson really feels good about the way that the word is spreading about Fabletics. It has become the company that rises from something of an underdog status with Amazon to coming to the top as a true leader. This is what Kate Hudson has managed to do best. She has allowed her fans to get a personal glimpse into her life when it comes to working out. This has allowed her to take the lead as a entrepreneur that really cares about what her customers want. The bottom line is that Hudson makes her approach to selling clothes much more genuine, and that is her advantage.