Kenneth Goodgame One of Chicago’s Best

Kenneth Goodgame knows marketing and since his graduation from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, he has been busy. Kenneth Goodgame has spent many years in the hardware industry with tenures at Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware, and Home Depot.
Goodgame is a man who has achieved a great deal since his graduation and is a fixture in the Chicago area. Now 58 his status will allow him to be a mentor and supporter of others in the Chicago area. A man of his stature and color could be an excellent role model for Chicago youth. He is comfortable speaking in public and could start a campaign against the violence taking place in Chicago.

His long list of achievements would make him a good candidate for any company seeking a skilled and experienced merchandising professional. The study and the practice of merchandising is a central aspect of the American economy. Merchandising has been broken down into its individual components and examined by the best business minds and MBAs in the world. As economies grow and sales increase, we find that the world will offer numerous jobs, and workers and families will live happy and successful lives. But the standard economic model is being placed under strain and may even break as the American economy turns from a producer economy, in which merchandisers can ply their trade, into a service economy that is independent of any particular product. For many this change is unsettling, and the economy has to make adjustments. The corporate structure will continue, but the ways in which products and services are sold to the public will continue to change as the economy enters a stage in which no one, not corporations or executives can fathom.


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