Kim Dao’s Winter Routine

Kim Dao’s winter skincare routine may be found below, and she has a sensible plan that will make any woman feel much better about her skin. The plan is a basic on that takes a woman through simple steps to introduce moisture back to her skin. Kim admits that she has dry skin, and she wants to show all women with dry skin that there is a way to make a change.


#1: Pulling Hair Back And Removing Makeup


Hair must be pulled back, and all makeup must be removed before any skincare routine may be started. Ladies who are not careful with their skin will find that they simply cannot get good results because their makeup gets in the way. Learn more:


#2: Moisturizer


Kim uses a day and night cream because that is the only way to introduce enough moisture to make a difference. She feels as though a lady who has moisturized twice a day will have enough reason to believe her skin will be soft. Learn more:


#3: The Toner


Kim wants women to use a toner, and she encourages all women to use this often because it keeps her skin firm when she has had a hard day. This is the final step in a simple process that any woman may repeat, and ladies who use prescription skin treatments may use them at any time in this process. Learn more:


Kim Dao has done an excellent job of explaining her skin care routine. It helps the woman with dry skin in the winter. Learn more: