Life Line Screening – Preparing For Your Healthcare Screenings

Life Line Screening is dedicated to providing preventative health screenings for many individuals to assess health issues arising before they become more serious. They encourage the process of a wellness plan and believe that everyone should consider a screening to add to their regular health care needs. The course of a plan for each individual is different, and Life Line understands that each person has different needs and concerns. During the initial intake and assessment, Life Line will advise a screening that is most beneficial to the patient. Some patients may even qualify for multiple screenings. Each screening has been specifically catered to each individual with relevant health factors and risks. They will dig deep into your risk factors, your family history in addition to your medical history. In addition to advancing through certain risk factors, they will also provide screenings in relation to your personal preference.

The ultrasound screenings are non-invasive procedures that are painless and require very little preparation. They also provide blood screenings which only require a small sample of blood from your finger. You will want to make sure that you are prepared for the procedure that you’re having. The staff at Life Line will ensure that you have all of the information that you need prior to attending your appointment. Depending on the type of screening you’re having will depend on the type of preparation that is involved. Many people with cardiovascular risks will take the carotid and atrial fibrillation screenings. Both of these are non-invasive procedures but there are certain requirements that are needed. You should wear clothing that is loose in nature and non-restricting. The atrial fibrillation testing requires that you do not have your cell phone turned on nor do they want you to wear a watch, lotion or pantyhose. Their aneurysm screenings require a fasting period of at least 4 hours and your meal prior to fasting should be a fairly small meal. They also offer screenings such as hs-CRP, a complete lipid panel, bone density, and glucose level screenings. If you need more than one type of screening, they offer the package screening.

Cardiovascular disease is on the rise in the United States, and Life Line Screening is on a mission to help those identify risks before they become more serious. This is the case with all of their testing methods. With their constant dedication and commitment, they can assure you the best possible results with each procedure. Read more: