Madison Street Capital Arranges Minority Equity for ARES Security

Earlier this year, Madison Street Capital acted as the financial advisor of ARES Security in the Minority Recapitalization. Representing the leading enterprise security firm has significantly improved Madison Street Capital Reputation.



The Corbel Structured Equity Partners provided the Minority Recapitalization. ARES announced that working with Corbel would greatly improve the equity value of the investment. It is anticipated that Corbel Capital Solution will help to increase ARES’ revenue and sales momentum. ARES Security protects the most vital assets in the world.



Corbel Structured Equity Partners is an Equity Fund, founded in 2013. The Fund has over $ 95 million capital.



Charles Botchway, Chief Executive Officer of Madison, announced the recapitalization. According to ARES Security working with Madison Street Capital was the best decision. Madison worked to secure the best financial partner for the investment and also in facilitating a smooth transaction.



Madison Street Capital



Madison Street Capital in a private investment bank operating in different parts of the world. The firm is committed to providing excellent services to its clients by promoting integrity, innovation, and excellence.



Madison Street Capital, founded in 2005 has assisted many clients across a wide range of industries. The Company believes that every client is unique and that is why they take the time to analyze the needs before providing the services. The Company offers a wide range of services including business valuation, corporate advisory and financial options.



The vision of the Company is to provide its customers with the best mergers and acquisition. Madison Street Capital deals with all types of clients including the middle market business owners. Middle Market businesses experience challenges when searching for the best financial partner for their customers is a challenge. That is why working with Madison has proven to be a worthwhile adventure. Madison Street Capital strategy is to understand the needs of the client and evaluate the company before the actual work begins.



Madison Street Capital has created an international presence by opening offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. With the many customers they have, Madison has grown to become the leading private firm that deals with Mergers and Acquisitions. They also offer corporate governance services across the globe.



Over the years, Madison Street Capital has hired people with the skills and expertise in the business. The team has the experience and extensive knowledge in Mergers &Acquisition. It is their ability to match the right buyers with active sellers.


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