Malcolm CasSelle Is An Entrepreneur, Inventor,  Believer And Supporter Of Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, And The WAX Platform.

Malcolm CasSelle is an innovator, entrepreneur and the President of WAX — also known as the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). WAX is a platform that helps video gamers and virtual marketplace traders exchange digital goods. WAX was created to be a service for millions of players online who currently collect, purchase or sell virtual items that are used in video games for cryptocurrency or money.

Mr. CasSelle has some impressive educational credentials. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in 1991 from MIT and also a Master’s degree in Computer Science in 1994 from Stanford University. Because of CasSelle’s education foundation in Computer Science, he has been on the cusp of information technology, the Internet, and presently, cryptocurrency, video gaming, and the blockchain.

When it comes to WAX, the WAX Tokens are a large part of the Worldwide Asset eXchange. The WAX Tokens are utility tokens that are part of your virtual goods. These WAX Tokens are used with video games. And WAX Tokens are important for gamers so that they can exchange virtual goods for Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency.

One of the great things about CasSelle’s WAX Platform is that it allows for millions of virtual goods to be traded by gamers in their virtual stores. WAX provides one, secure, decentralized online system and a Delegated Proof of Stake. CasSelle’s system is rather novel because the ecosystem is great for virtual good traders since it is robust as well as secure. Also, having the issue of trust is a real selling point for the millions of new video gamers and virtual good traders who plan to use WAX.

Some of the key points about WAX is that both the buyer and the seller that is logged on WAX is that the transactions of these virtual assets are efficient and secure. A video gamer who uses WAX won’t have to close out the game as the WAX widget in use and gamers can trade virtual goods in real-time. Gamers who are using the WAX platform will also enjoy selling and purchasing virtual goods that will be a seamless process.

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