“Mark Beer Raises Funds for Support Women’s Health “

Mark Beer is an expert in the field of devices, biotechnology and diagnostics not to forget pharmaceuticals. Mark is both the chairman and CEO at Renovia Inc which is located in Boston. This famous company mainly specializes on the production of devices that aid in treating pelvic disorders. These devices include both therapeutic and diagnostic devices. In his field of expertise, Mark is said to have over 25years of experience. With this experience and expertise, Renovia is said to be innovating several diagnostic and therapeutic products to deal with pelvic floor disorders. These pelvic disorders include Urinary incontinence which is said to have affected millions of women around the globe. Among these new products is one by the name Leva which was successfully approved in the month of April by the FDA. A healthcare firm famous as Longwood Fund has also given a hand to Renovia’s project. The firm’s funding is meant for both the development and testing of the new products and a modern era Leva device.

Mr . Mark also goes ahead and shows gratitude to the Longwood Fund firm by saying that they are greatly moved by their support and cooperation in helping women with pelvic floor disorders. He further adds that bringing together the two firms’ innovative and sensor technologies not to forget the form factors with a modern era health platform, will enable their consumers to access significant data about the developed treatment options. This will consequently increase their knowledge and comprehension on pelvic floor disorders and this will finally reduce the amount of healthcare expenses. Both Longwood Fund Firm and Renovia have the same vision of giving a hand to the millions of ladies worldwide who are suffering from pelvic floor disorders. With this, they are able to improve the lives of the affected women.

Renovia was started in the year 2016, by Marc Beer together with Yolanda, MD and Ramon Iglesias. Mark has worked in various companies including serving as a CEO of the ViaCell biotechnology company in the year 2000. This company dealt with the collection, storage and production of umbilical cord blood stem cells. As an experience person in this field, Marc transformed ViaCell to a fast growing and booming financial organization. Mark also worked in Genzyme where he initiated the dispatch of various products to deal with uncommon disease populations around the world. Marc Beer also worked in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic divisions of Abbott Labs by participating in various sales and marketing roles.

Being a hardworking guy, Marc is also a previous member of the Mass Life Science Board of the common wealth of Massachusetts and also member of Notre Dame Research. Learn more: https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/potmsearch/detail/submission/6457372/Marc_Beer