Meet Jeffrey Aronin, the Man behind the Treatment of Rare Diseases at Paragon Biosciences

Jeffrey Aronin, Founder and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Paragon Biosciences specializes on treating patients with rare diseases that often does not have approved therapies. Jeffrey Aronin has dedicated his career-life to finding medical treatment to complicated and uncommon diseases. His company has employed technologies such as biotechnology and innovative strategies to treating illness.


Finding medication for treating rare diseases and conditions


Jeffrey Aronin has extensive experience in the medical field and he is looking for methods, beyond the ordinary ones, to cure rare illness and disorders. Paragon Biosciences has employed a strategy of combining the efforts of innovative companies to find new treatment for the hardly treated disorders. Under the leadership of Jeffrey Aronin, the company’s portfolio includes researchers and experts from different companies working in harmony to come up with the long-awaited medical solutions.


Just-in-time medical breakthroughs


Jeffrey Aronin has gained recognition across the country for leading his team to produce various innovative medical solutions which have already been approved.


Jeffrey Aronin is providing funding to researchers and experts who are working on even more medical solutions. Even after his products being approved by FDA, he is determined to put to rest cases of rare blood disorders as well as the central nervous system.


Jeffrey Aronin’s career and accomplishments


He has been dedicated to help people with rare conditions that can’t be handled anywhere else. Jeffrey Aronin is a person who cares about the well-being of others and always strive to ensure people lead healthy and prolonged lives.


Apart from being the founder and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, he is also non-executive chairman of several portfolio companies. He has been recognized widely and he has received “Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award” as well as Wiezman Leadership Award among other awards.


Paragon Biosciences as also received several awards such as “Deal of Year” award in 2017 from Harmony Biosciences. This was for recognition of their success of producing an important sleep disorder medication.


He is always at the forefront to support any organization or company which endeavors to find a new treatment for a disease or disorder.


Jeffrey Aronin has contributed to several charity organizations including Big Green, Chicago Parks Foundation, among many others.