Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the co-founder and executive chairman of Swiss Startup Factory. In education he achieved an MBA from Berne University as well as an MBA from Rochester University. Baur comes from Switzerland. Mike Baur is not only an entrepreneur but also a leader and an investor thus being so successful. Baur has been in the banking industry for 20 years. He started off this journey in Switzerland, he is grateful for to his accomplishment because his skills in entrepreneurship helped him attain so much.


Mike Baur is a generous man who has dedicated himself to assisting upcoming businessmen in enhancing their enterprises as well as boosting their skills in business. Since he resides in Switzerland, he uses that opportunity to keep on helping and advising young entrepreneurs to enhance their business. He does not only advise them on the right thing to do in a business but also assists them financially in starting their businesses. He advises them to follow the good values to achieve better administration. Since he is the executive chairman of Swiss Startup Factory, Baur is responsible for fundraising and financial procedures. The organization has linked up with other companies including Fintech Fusion and CTI.


Swiss StartUp Factory is named among the best private firms because of so much that it has achieved. The organization is also in charge of training upcoming entrepreneurs in finding the right path to entrepreneurship. Some of the coaching includes a 3-month course that is provided by the organization, the young businessmen attend this course for the purpose of building their skills. The units in the course are such as working space, finance and counseling. These units are very important when it comes to business.

Other than that, Swiss Startup Factory is able to start unique businesses that will in future bear good fruits. As the chairman of the firm, Baur uses the objective called teamwork to enhance the success of the company. team work is very important because it creates so much profit to the company and keeps customers coming. The upcoming businessmen also follow the advice of starting off well since it will determine where they will head.


Apart from taking the 3 months course, the entrepreneurs are privileged to display their skills thus they will be led well by the leaders of the firm. Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory are glad for the ongoing excellent work that has created s much accomplishment.