Mike Heiligenstein working with CTRMA to change the transportation system in Austin area

Most transit discussions carried in Austin focus majorly on the city, but in Williamson County Growth Summit, it’s a matter of understanding the transportation challenges around local Communities. Among the panel that was present during the summit was Mike Heiligenstein, Joseph Kosper among others. They wanted to learn and discuss the various ways technology has changed the face of transportation in Austin region.

Heiligenstein noted that new technologies such as ridesharing apps could radically transform transportation, but Austin area needs to invest first in its transportation capacity. These smart investments include building smarter and more roads before introducing the new technology to people. He continued to argue that this was the only way mobility demand can be served considering the growing population.

Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of a multi-model transportation agency, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He has been of service to this agency since 2003 overseeing and managing its growth from being a startup transportation agency to a credited national leader in toll road operations. During his tenure, he was able to help the agency develop its first toll road while maximizing its efficiency through cutting edge technologies.

He is also a vocal advocate for pedestrian facilities and bicycles and provides the pedestrian facilities wherever possible along Mobility Authority projects. At the moment, the Mobility Authority is able to manage a billion dollar program aiming at expanding the toll road that will serve the general population of Austin area.

During his years as a public official, Mike majorly focused on infrastructure projects. These include various transportation projects, development of Brushy Creek regional trail and parkland acquisitions. He was able to chair the Clean Air Force and the early phases of the Air and water subcommittees for the National Association of Counties. He currently serves the Texas Transportation Institute boards.

Mr. Heiligenstein was able to achieve all this through having a solid educational background. He was an alumnus of the University of Texas where he graduated with a degree in Government, Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Government. In most cases, Mike is always called upon in Texas to speak on various occasions about infrastructure in particular transportation. He is widely known for his undying commitment to approaching problems and obstacles with no fear and handles them. He aims at changing the people’s perspective regarding transportation.

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