Nathaniel Ru’s Philosophy Of Lasting


One thing that Nathaniel Ru believes is that everything someone does should last a longer than him. This is what Nathaniel Ru is trying to accomplish with Sweetgreen. This looks like it is going to happen as well. For one thing, Nathaniel Ru is taking the time to bring in some needed changes to the fast food industry. The changes are going to be very positive in many respects. For one thing, people are going to experience healthier food. Also, the food that they are given is going to be great tasting. Therefore, people will get some benefits that they have never known about.


One thing that could be said for Sweetgreen is that it shows people that not only will they eat healthier, but they will also have enjoyable meals. While people have been led to believe that healthy eating means sacrificing taste, Sweetgreen actually shows people that healthy foods can also have bold flavors as well. As a matter of fact, some foods have even better flavor than the types of junk foods they are used to eating. Sweetgreen makes food that are not only grown in a way that is healthy, but also prepared in a way that not only makes it healthy, but also brings out a bold flavor that people love.


One of the issues that inspired Sweetgreen was that Nathaniel and his friends were looking for a place to eat that was healthy and also fun and easy. Seeing that these types of places were hard to find, they have decided on an alternative, which was to create a place to eat that was fun and easy as well as healthy.


In order to build the place, Nathaniel and his friends have decided to come up with many different recipes that are not only healthy, but fun to eat as well. After all, eating healthy should be fun. It does not have to be boring and such a chore to people. Sweetgreen has brought a lot of fun into health. The result is in something that has grown a lot throughout the days and is continuing to grow.



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  1. I think I like this idea because it represents what is considered the ideal by most food experts and it will be successful even more. So in order to have review I think Ru should be looking more on the areas of their strength to address this. Now also it can help them to grow in green technology because they are in the better position now than ever.

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